Physics with lasers at Mount Allison.

Physics seeks to describe the nature of the physical world. It includes the study of everything from subatomic particles to the essence of the universe as a whole.

Physics plays a central role in most technological developments in the modern world, as well as in the theoretical foundation for most other areas of science.

Program overview

Faculty: Faculty of Science
Degree options:  

Other degree options in the field of physics at Mount Allison:

In the Mount Allison physics program, the development of fundamental concepts and mathematical formulation proceeds simultaneously in a selected series of courses in physics and mathematics.

The physics program also prepares you for more advanced study in applied areas such as photonics, materials science, or biomedical engineering; or for a career in such fields as astronomy, space research, or oceanography.

A key feature of the Mount Allison physics department is the experiential learning approach used in many courses – students learn through collaborative, hands-on activities.

Introductory physics involves a combination of mini-lectures, lab work, and collaborative learning experiences, covering subjects like: 

  • general physics
  • astronomy
  • physics for the life sciences
  • physics of music and sound
  • classical waves
  • date acquisition and analysis

While in upper years you may choose to pursue studies in subjects like:

  • astrophysics
  • quantum mechanics
  • electricity and magnetism
  • statistical mechanics
  • advanced physical chemistry
  • electronics
  • medical physics
  • thermodynamics
  • nuclei and fundamental particles
  • solid state physics
  • energy production and the environment
  • modern optics

You are also encouraged to carry out independent research through work on your thesis or summer projects and to become involved in faculty research as research assistants.

Find a list of physics courses in the academic calendar – physics.

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