Screen Studies and Popular Culture

Screen Studies and Popular Culture is the study of film, television, and popular culture from critical and technical perspectives.


Screen Studies and Popular Culture is the study of film, television, and popular culture from critical and technical perspectives.

By understanding how screen media works in terms of genre, style, and mode, students can interpret the different ways in which films, shows, series, documentaries, and social media can inform, entertain, manipulate, or captivate the viewer.

Available as a minor.

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Screen Studies and Popular Culture at Mount Allison focuses on the study of media arts and popular culture and their impact on our world.

Students taking courses and/or the minor in Screen Studies will not only gain a breadth of knowledge about the critical and practical impacts film, television, streaming, vlogging, documentary, web series, gaming, social media and other forms of popular culture have on our world; they will also develop skills in critical thinking, analysis, creative problem solving, communication, and expressive interpretation.

Because of its focus on audio-visual media, Screen Studies is particularly beneficial to neurodivergent and visual learners for whom traditional ways of learning, often exclusively text-based, have been a barrier to higher education.

Students explore popular culture from interdisciplinary perspectives through courses in:

Screen Studies and Popular Culture is available as a minor only.

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The minor in Screen Studies prepares students for careers requiring broad, transferable skillsets with a particular focus on audio-visual application.

Screen Studies and Popular Culture gives students foundational skills to prepare for careers in:

  • cultural history

  • arts administration

  • marketing and communication

  • film critic/reviewer

  • journalism

  • archives

  • advertising

  • teaching

  • exhibition design

  • script reading/editing/supervision

  • public relations

  • editing

  • acting

  • filmmaking/documentary filmmaking

  • storyboarding



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Screen studies is not only an immersive program that teaches you to actively watch, but it also offers an exciting opportunity — a filmmaking project to set the ball rolling. A momentum. This is where your filmmaking career starts.

Ranz Jaren Tayo
Fine Arts, minor in Screen Studies and Popular Culture
Manila, Philippines
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I’ve always loved movies, and screen studies taught me the ability to describe what I love about them and why. It also provided me with the freedom to design my assignments so I could demonstrate my knowledge in a way that worked best for me.

Drama, minor in Classics
Moncton, NB


Bachelor of Arts

Admission Requirements

Our admissions decisions are based on your academic record, leadership skills, a high level of commitment, and the potential for personal growth. The drop down menu below will help you find information on what pre-requisites are recommended for a Bachelor of Arts; however, a minor in Screen Studies and Popular Culture can be combined with any degree.

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