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Health Studies

Interdisciplinary Health Studies offers a multifaceted approach to the study of health.


Interdisciplinary Health Studies offers a multifaceted approach to the study of health.

Interdisciplinary Health Studies will allow students the opportunity to engage with health from biological, behavioural, social, environmental, ethical, historical, cultural and population perspectives.

At a Glance

Degree options
Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc), major or honours


At Mount Allison, the Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc) in Interdisciplinary Health Studies draws on concepts from across the life sciences, social sciences, and humanities.

Students develop the critical thinking, analytic, and communication skills needed to engage in complex and nuanced issues such as:

  • health care for an aging population
  • confronting global pandemics
  • building healthy communities
  • working for justice in health-care delivery and outcomes

Students in Interdisciplinary Health Studies take courses in:

  • health and life sciences (biology, biochemistry, psychology)
  • ethics and philosophy
  • social issues and culture

Students also pursue specialized studies through a concentration in one of three innovative topic areas:

Health equity and diversity

In the health equity and diversity concentration, students will explore ways that health is socially and culturally constructed from a critical studies perspective.

Students will analyze the ways in which oppression, marginalization, and health interact in society by considering how gender and sexism, colonialism, racism, sexual orientation, ageism, and dis/ableism, and the combination of these, impact the health of various social groups.

Options in this concentration includes courses in the areas of:

Health analysis

In the health analysis concentration, students will develop the skills to analyze data on health in the population.

Students will build an analytic toolkit including qualitative and quantitative analysis, statistical coding, geographic and spatial data analysis.

Options in this concentration includes courses in the areas of:

Environment and health

In the environment and health concentration, students will explore the interdependence between human health, animal health, and the environment.

Students will consider the ways in which the natural and built environment can shape health, such as exploring how the design of our cities impacts obesity rates, to the ways that climate change affects global patterns of infectious disease.

Options in this concentration includes courses in the areas of:

Interdisciplinary Health Studies is available as:

  • BASc major (87 credits)
  • BASc honours (93 credits)
  • Minor (24 credits)

Not sure about the difference between a major, a minor, and an honours?

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Students in Interdisciplinary Health Studies develop a broad skill set that includes:

  • health analysis and research
  • health communications
  • critical thinking

As a result, students are prepared for a wide range of health-related roles or professional programs in health care and allied health care.

Health-related fields include:

  • health care and allied health care
  • health policy and advocacy
  • public service and NGOs



Bachelor of Arts and Science

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