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Classics offers the unique opportunity to gain new perspective on our language, literature, culture, and political structure by examining their roots in ancient Greece and Rome.
Program overview

Faculty: Faculty of Arts
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Classical studies examines the history and culture of ancient Greece and Rome and their contributions to western civilization.

Classics is unique among modern academic disciplines in the breadth of its approach to its subject – it is a field in which you must be simultaneously linguist, literary critic, anthropologist, sociologist, and historian of politics, religion and art.

In classics, you will study all aspects of the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, including: 

  • history
  • mythology
  • art
  • archaeology
  • language
  • literature

Introductory courses focus on classical civilization, mythology, and archaeology, while upper year studies specialize in topics like Greek democracy, the Roman emperors, health and medicine, and Greek and Roman drama, poetry, and art.

You also have the opportunity to study classical languages – and even minor in: ancient Greek and Latin.

Find a list of classics courses in the academic calendar – classics.

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