Museum and Curatorial Studies - Program

Museum and curatorial studies provides a wider understanding of the cultural production of museums and their communities.

Program overview

Faculty: Faculty of Arts

Degree options:  

  • Any degree, minor

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At Mount Allison, the museum and curatorial studies program offers an interdisciplinary approach to art history, commerce, Canadian studies, and classics with the resources and professional staff of the Owens Art Gallery, Colville House, the Mount Allison Libraries and Archives, and the Visiting Artists and Curators program.

Course offerings include:

  • arts and culture management
  • museum education and community engagement
  • curating and critical writing
  • close study of collections and issues around collecting, including the repatriation of Indigenous objects
  • archives
  • critical study of art museums and galleries
  • museum and gallery practicums

Students pursuing a minor in museum and curatorial studies can undertake an experiential learning component in their senior year.

Find a list of about museum and curatorial studies courses in the academic calendar – art history.

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