Greek studies at Mount Allison gives students the tools to study ancient texts in their original language.


The study of ancient Greek language and literature offers an opportunity to experience ideas and important texts in their original language.
Program overview

Faculty: Faculty of Arts
Degree options:  

  • Any degree, minor in Ancient Greek

Other degree options in the field of classics at Mount Allison:  

As part of the Mount Allison Department of Classics, both Greek and Latin are introduced to students studying classics, offering a unique opportunity to study ancient texts in their original language.

While the study of classics can be approached either in the original languages or through courses using English translation, those deeply interested in the subject should bear in mind the importance of the languages themselves, and the benefits of a direct experience of the ancients through study of Greek and Latin.

Greek courses include:

  • introductory and intermediate grammar and vocabulary of ancient Greek*
  • readings in Greek literature, prose, and poetry

Find a list of Greek courses in the academic calendar – classics.

*No previous knowledge of Greek is required

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