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Classics offers the unique opportunity to gain new perspective on our language, literature, culture, and political structure by examining their roots in ancient Greece and Rome.

These classical civilizations provided the cultural foundations of the western world, as well as the basis of many other elements of our modern life.

Guided by a supportive faculty, students explore all aspects of ancient Greek and Roman civilization and are introduced to Latin and Greek, which provides the ability to study ancient texts in their original language.

The study of classics helps students develop a broad perspective. It also cultivates the capacity to write clearly, an ability to balance different viewpoints, and a talent for critical analysis.


Dr. Battiloro honoured with a Paul Paré Excellence Award for 2022!

Six Mount Allison University professors have been named the 2022 recipients of the Paul Paré Excellence Awards, recognizing their contributions in research, scholarship, and creative activities.
The 2022 recipients are:
    •    Dr. Susan Andrews (Religious Studies)
    •    Dr. Ilaria Battiloro (Classics)
    •    Dr. David Hornidge (Physics)
    •    Dr. David Lieske (Geography and Environment)
    •    Dr. Catherine Lovekin (Physics)
    •    Dr. Linda Pearse (Music)

Read more about this year's recipients here.

Quebec City bus trip

On March 18, 2022, Drs. Battiloro and Robertson accompanied 21 students on a 3-day field trip to Quebec City to see the exhibition “Pompeii. The Immortal City” at the Musée de la Civilization. The trip was generously funded by the Crake Foundation.

“The trip to Quebec City was an amazing experience for me as it gave me firsthand insight to the site of Pompeii and the archaeological objects which remain. This was an important experience for me as I prepare to go to Pompeii in June.” (Student P. Piché)






Mount Allison faculty members honoured with 2022 Paul Pare Awards 
Six professors across disciplines recognized for excellence in research, scholarship, and creative activities 
Night at the museum
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