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French studies at Mount Allison includes a variety of language, literature, and culture courses, which give you the opportunity to learn more about French, French-Canadian, and francophone cultures while developing your abilities in the language.
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Faculty: Faculty of Arts
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As part of the modern languages and literatures department, Mount Allison offers an extensive French studies program with a variety of language, literature, and culture courses to increase your awareness of the French and French-Canadian identities while developing your ability to function in the second language. To this end, all language and literature courses are taught in French.

First and second-year courses provide the opportunity to establish a sound foundation in written and oral French*. The study of grammar at these levels is reinforced in the language laboratory or tutorial groups.

Upper year courses are specifically intended to refine your command of spoken and written French, while other courses examine the various areas of French and French-Canadian literatures and cultures as well as theories of literary criticism.

Most courses in the French curriculum are generally delivered in French, while some culture courses are taught in English.

Find a list of French courses in the academic calendar – modern languages and literatures.

*There is a minimum standard of competency in French required for certain courses. Placement of students in their first French course will be decided on the basis of a French Language Skills Assessment.

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