Computer science students gain hands-on experience in weekly labs.

The study of computing ranges from hands-on applications to pure theory, and includes the analysis of algorithms, the study of computer architectures, compilers and operating systems, networks, and software engineering.

Program overview

Faculty: Faculty of Science
Degree options:  

Other degree options in the field of computer science at Mount Allison:

Introductory computer science courses offer an overview of programming skills, the use and application of popular software, and the essentials of computing.

The Mount Allison computer science program as a whole is designed to combine theoretical and practical computer science with deeper study of specialized areas, such as:

  • theory of computation
  • cryptography
  • artificial intelligence
  • databases
  • computer graphics
  • networks
  • software and hardware design

All courses in the computing curriculum offer a blend of theory and practical application, with many of the offerings having a significant project component in which students are given the opportunity to apply the classroom material to real-world problems.

You will also have opportunities to participate in independent summer research projects or to contribute to faculty research projects.

Whether you want to learn more about certain software or to develop advanced programming skills, Mount Allison has a computer science course for you.

Find a list of specific computer science courses in the academic calendar – computer science.

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