Philosophy 2
The philosophy, politics, and economics (PPE) program brings together three fundamental disciplines that use different tools and methodologies to study the human experience, but are all concerned with the many, often conflicting, ideas of what is good for people and the challenges that arise when these varied approaches are put into practice.
Program overview

Faculty: Faculty of Social Sciences
Degree options:  

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA), major or honours (with emphasis on one of the three disciplines)

Philosophy, politics, and economics at Mount Allison is the only PPE program in Canada east of Ontario, and one of only three in the country.

The PPE program offers students the opportunity of a multidisciplinary immersion in the problems that structure the human world. Courses in the PPE program are drawn from established courses in all three disciplines, with special topics courses offered in upper years.

In your philosophy classes you will cultivate a broad view of human experience and values by examining concepts like:

  • how we can know the world
  • the nature of justice
  • our responsibility to others

The study of politics will give you insight into:

  • the workings of government
  • the meaning of citizenship
  • how society, economy, and culture shape the political community

In economics, you will look at:

  • the development of modern economies
  • the evolution of economic systems
  • the outcomes of economic policies
  • the economic consequences of participation in trade, exchange, or employment

Most of the required courses for the program are at the first and second-year level, giving you greater flexibility in your upper years to tailor your courses to your interests.

Find a list of specific PPE courses in the academic calendar – philosophy, politics, and economics.

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