Philosophy class at Avard-Dixon.
Philosophy is the effort to understand the most basic human questions using analytical, verbal, and spatial reasoning. It is the exploration of how you can know what you think you know. It helps you challenge your own beliefs, consider others’ points of view, and ultimately better know the world around you.
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Faculty: Faculty of Arts
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At its core a search for understanding, philosophy helps students recognize their deep-rooted beliefs and ideas and challenges them to examine these ideas in detail.

The department of philosophy at Mount Allison believes that careful study of the great works of the past and present provides the best access to philosophical questions, and is committed to diversity. You will explore the history of philosophy from the sixth century B.C. to the 21st century, with areas of teaching and research in: 

  • ethics, logic, metaphysics, value theory
  • Indian, German philosophy
  • social and political philosophy
  • continental philosophy
  • biomedical ethics
  • feminist philosophy
  • disability theory
  • philosophy of science, law, biology, music, art
  • ancient and medieval philosophy

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