Mathematics class at Mount Allison.

Mathematics has been around since humans first began using numbers. It has many faces, from practical uses of its statistical tools to theoretical studies of abstract relationships.
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Faculty: Faculty of Science
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The Mount Allison mathematics program aims to provide an appreciation of the historical, theoretical, and applied nature of mathematics, as well as a full understanding of the beauty of the subject.

Introductory courses may introduce students to the applications to which calculus may be applied or the practical uses of statistics. Upper-year courses deal with topics ranging from geometry to game theory.

You will be introduced to mathematical concepts such as:

  • the practical uses of statistical tools
  • theoretical studies of abstract relationships
  • the applications of calculus
  • the use of number theory in modern cryptography

All courses in the curriculum offer a blend of theory and practical applications. The program includes lectures supplemented by weekly labs where you can gain hands-on experience.

Many of the courses offered include a substantial computational component and students are encouraged to use the mathematical software tools available.

You are also encouraged to conduct independent summer research projects or to contribute to faculty research projects as a research assistant.

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