Mount Allison history students develop their communication and writing skills.

History helps us understand the individuals, groups, ideas, and institutions that have shaped our world. It encourages critical analysis and helps develop your communication and writing skills.

Program overview

Faculty: Faculty of Arts
Degree options:  

The Department of History at Mount Allison offers courses in a wide variety of subjects. It has a particular strength in European history, with courses also available in Canadian, American, Asian, Acadian, and women’s history.

Courses examine subjects such as:

  • class and gender
  • wealth and poverty
  • faith and science
  • self and social identity
  • government and politics
  • war and peace

Unlike many programs, which begin with introductory courses, history offers courses on a diverse range of topics beginning in first year.

The number and variety of courses available increases each year, with the greatest selection in third year.

In fourth year there are also opportunities for independent studies, which permit you to pursue an interest in an area not covered by other courses.

Find a list of history courses in the academic calendar — history.

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