German studies program at Mount Allison.

In addition to learning the language, the German program at Mount Allison will help you gain insight into the rich tradition of culture and literature in German-speaking countries.

Program overview

Faculty: Faculty of Arts
Degree options:  

  • Any degree, minor in German studies

German studies at Mount Allison consists of courses in language, literature and culture. Courses are designed to impart a good working knowledge of German*, with a particular emphasis on representative authors and movements in order to provide students access to the literary traditions as a whole.

First-year courses are designed to teach the basics of grammar and provide enough vocabulary to manage basic communication in a German-speaking environment. Intermediate and advanced courses help you develop both oral and written proficiency in the language.

Literature courses, taught in German, are available for upper-year students. There are also culture courses, taught in English, accessible to students at all levels.

Complementing the on-campus German program are numerous study and work abroad opportunities that allow students to travel, study, and live in German-speaking countries.

Find a list of German studies courses in the academic calendar – modern languages and literatures.

*You are not expected to have any previous knowledge of German.

Not sure about the difference between a major, a minor, and an honours?

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