Environmental studies field trip.

Environmental studies helps you develop an understanding of the complex environmental challenges facing the world.

It is designed for students interested in the human dimensions of environmental change and problem-solving through environmental management, planning, and policy.

Program overview

Faculty: Faculty of Social Science
Degree options:

Other degree options in the field of geography and environment at Mount Allison:

The aim of the environmental studies program at Mount Allison is to equip you with the kind of integrative and analytical thinking that will help you effectively contribute to environmental leadership and decision-making. Courses cover such topics as environmental policy, natural resources management, and environmental ethics.

In upper years, environmental studies students choose complimentary courses from the following four optional streams:

  • Environment and society – includes natural resources management, environment and development, gender, race, and environmental justice, with courses in anthropology and sociology
  • Environmental policy and economics – includes geography of economic activity, the developing world, transportation, international environmental affairs, with courses in economics, international relations, and political science
  • Environmental history and philosophy – includes courses in history, philosophy, and religious studies
  • Ecology and environment – includes courses in environmental science, and biology

You will also have the opportunity to carry out your own research as summer projects or as part of directed studies courses.

Find a list of specific environmental studies courses in the academic calendar – geography and environment.

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