Economics class at Avard-Dixon.

Much of the study of economics consists of examining the operation of market economies to discover regularities of behaviour, ultimately in the expectation that through better understanding society will be able to remedy undesirable results and achieve better ones.
Program overview

Faculty: Facutly of Social Sciences
Degree options:  

Other degree options in the field of economics at Mount Allison include:

To achieve understanding in economics means moving into the realm of theory, analysis, and technical terms. The economics program at Mount Allison is built around core courses in economic theory, policy analysis, mathematics*, and econometrics.

Such study includes:

  • economics history
  • economic thought
  • microeconomics
  • macroeconomics
  • money and banking
  • international economics

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*Students planning to concentrate on economics will find mathematics a valuable complementary study. Those who dislike mathematics or who do poorly in it usually encounter difficulties in economics.

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