American Studies class in Hart Hall, 2018.

American studies is an interdisciplinary program. It helps students develop an understanding of America as a nation and as a civilization, its place in history, and its impact on Canada and the world.
Program overview

Faculty: Faculty of Arts
Degree options:  

The American studies program at Mount Allison focuses primarily on the history, geography, literature, and culture of the United States, while also exploring the nation's government, politics, music, and art. The goal of the program is to give students a solid understanding of the country and its diverse population and culture as well as its place in history and its impact on the world.

This interdisciplinary program draws on courses in a number of different subject areas, including:

  • American literature
  • American history from the colonial period, to the Civil War, to the present
  • Historical geography of North America

In upper years, students have the flexibility of choosing complimentary courses from a wide variety of topics with an American studies component, such as:

  • Canadian studies – Canadian-American relations
  • Economics – economic growth and tech change, labour-management relations (North America)
  • English – African American literature, Asian American literature, cultural studies, postmodernism
  • Environmental studies – geography of economic activity, transportation geography
  • History – the American social and cultural experience, American women's history
  • International relations – global governance, the inter-American system
  • Political science – American government and politics, American foreign policy
  • Religious studies – apocalyptic consciousness
  • Sociology – critical media analysis, dynamics of popular culture

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