Need extra time and training to improve your English language skills?

Mount Allison's English language pathway programs make it easier for students from non-English backgrounds to get ready for post-secondary studies.

Our English pathway programs are designed for students who need extra time and training to meet English proficiency requirements and who would like to benefit from additional transition time and academic preparation before full-time studies.

Mount Allison offers two options to help you meet language requirements, depending on your level of English:

English Summer Pathway Program


This program is offered during the summer. It includes level-specific English and academic skills classes, plus cultural trips and activities.

English Academic Bridging Program (EAB)


This program is offered during the academic year. As a full-time Mount Allison student you will take three regular courses and two EAB classes each term.

Which English language program is best for me?


English Summer Pathway Program

The English Summer Pathway Program (SPP) is a language, academic, and cultural immersion program for students who meet academic requirements at either Mount Allison or the New Brunswick Community College (NBCC), but do not meet the English proficiency requirements.

SPP is designed to bring together international students headed to Mount Allison and NBCC so they can live and study together on the Mount Allison campus before the start of classes in the fall.

This program includes:

  • level-specific English and academic skills classes
  • on-campus accommodations and meals
  • weekly trips and activities, introducing students to the history, culture, and geography of Atlantic Canada

The duration and costs of the program depend on your level of English.

Score start date fees (CAD)**

TOEFL 50-60
IELTS 5.5*
Duolingo 80-85

(12 weeks)
TOEFL 61-78
IELTS 6.0*
Duolingo 85-95
(8 weeks)
TOEFL 79-89
IELTS 6.5*
Duolingo 95-100
(4 weeks)

*no bandscore lower than 5.0

**Fees include tuition and program fees, and on-campus accommodations and meals. If you do not require on-campus accommodations and meals, please contact for tuition-only pricing.

If you successfully complete the program

Once you successfully complete the English Summer Pathway Program:

  • You get direct unconditional admission to Mount Allison or NBCC starting in September (if you meet the academic requirements)
  • No additional TOEFL or IELTS tests will be required

If you do not successfully complete the program, you will be automatically enrolled in the English Bridging Program (EAB) in September.

How to apply to the program

In order to enroll in the English Summer Pathway Program, you must first:

  • Apply for admission to Mount Allison (or NBCC)
  • Fill out the Summer Pathway Program application form

Once admitted, pay a non-refundable deposit of $1,905 CAD to reserve your spot. The remaining fees are due once you arrive on campus at the beginning of your session.

Deadline to pay your deposit: April 1

For aviation students

The English Summer Pathway Program is the recommended path for aviation students who may need additional language training before the start of their degree.

Since the EAB option would limit the amount of credits a student can earn in their first year (max three credits per term), SPP would enable students to complete their language training over the summer and then complete the 24 credits required in the first year to start the aviation program in the second year.

Completing SPP would also give aviation students a better chance of satisfying the English language interview done by the Moncton Flight College for admission into the aviation program between years one and two.


English Academic Bridging Program (EAB)

The EAB program is a two-term (fall and winter) program offered during the academic year.

The program is designed for students whose English proficiency is just below Mount Allison's minimum requirements but who otherwise meet our academic requirements for full admission into Arts, Science, or Commerce degrees.

You can choose to be part of the EAB program even if you are not required to do so — any student from a non-English background is welcome to access language support.

minimum Score Program includes (per term)
IELTS 6.0 (no bandscore lower than 5.5)
Duolingo 100-110
  • 2 non-credit English and academic courses
  • 3 academic courses
  • Peer tutoring and support
How to apply to the program

In order to enroll in the EAB program, you must first:

If your English score falls just below our minimum required for full admission to the University, you will receive an offer for conditional admission into the EAB program.

If you successfully complete the program

In order to receive a full offer of admission after one or two terms in the EAB program, you must successfully complete your EAB and academic courses, OR otherwise submit your updated English test scores to the Registrar's Office.

Once you receive a full (unconditional) offer of admission, you will be able to register in up to five courses each term towards your Mount Allison degree.


Questions about our English language programs

For questions about English language programs at Mount Allison, please contact

Questions about course selection or registration

Students who have been admitted to an English language program who have questions regarding their course selection or registration, please contact our academic advisors at

Questions about pre-departure planning, international student services, and international orientation

Students who have been admitted to an English language program who have questions about pre-departure planning (including study permit applications), international student services, or international orientation, please contact our International Student Advisor at