Mount Allison takes a collaborative approach to student wellness.

The University recognizes the interconnected relationship between mental and physical health and the importance of prioritizing student wellness. Mount Allison strives to provide comprehensive wellness support for students.

Questions? Email wellness@mta.ca or call (506) 364-2163.

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The Wellness Centre team consists of a nurse, physician, counsellors, a social worker, and a sexualized violence consultant. Appointment required.

Wellness Centre is open during the academic year (Sept.-April).

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How can we help?

Find the professional health and wellness support you need at the on-campus Wellness Centre or in the local community.

Primary health care

Access a variety of medical care services to address your health care needs, including a nurse and physician.

Counsellors and social workers

Access mental health services for your overall mental health and well-being, including counsellors and a social worker.

Accessibility services

Access support for students with disabilities and medical conditions, whether permanent or temporary.


Student wellness and healthy living

We're here to help support student wellness in a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment.

Wellness outreach and education

Staff at the Wellness Centre provide health and wellness promotion, education, and programming to the entire Mount Allison community.

Student of concern

If you're concerned about a student's well-being or safety, please make a referral to the Student of Concern Case Team.

Help with situations impacting your studies

Find out how to get assistance with situations impacting your studies including a disability, ongoing medical condition, temporary health concerns, or a family emergency


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