The study of philosophy improves how we think and changes how we live.

At its core a search for understanding, philosophy helps students recognize their deep-rooted beliefs and ideas and challenges them to examine these ideas in detail.

We often make certain assumptions about the world around us without even realizing it. Philosophy helps us uncover and analyze these assumptions.

This process helps us better understand our world. It promotes progress by helping us see which of our assumptions can be justified and which cannot. It multiplies our freedoms, promotes equality, rids us of superstitions, and better equips us to live good and useful lives. It helps us develop into thoughtful, engaged, global citizens.

Phoenix Colloquium Series 2023-24

Fall 2023

Oct 20
Dani Inkpen
Mount Allison University

Nov 17
Doug Al-Maini
St. Francis Xavier University

Dec 1
Elis Jones
University of Exeter

Winter 2024

Jan 26
Jane Dryden & Drew Inkpen
Mount Allison University

Feb 9
Mike Doan
Oakland University

Mar 8
Suzanne Beiweis
Mount Allison University

Mar 22
Lacey Decker-Hawthorne
Mount  Allison University

Hybrid meetings begin at 3:30pm Atlantic time. Contact Dr. Drew Inkpen ( for the Teams or Zoom link, room info or to join the email list. 

Dr. Moser publishes philosophical dialogue

Congrats to Dr. Robbie Moser on his recently-published and innovative philosophical dialogue!

On a Road from Eleusis to Larissa is a dialogue by Mount Allison University Philosophy professor Robbie Moser. Modelled on the Meno dialogue and following in the tradition of imaginative re-writings by Iris Murdoch and others, this text sets contemporary and ancient philosophers in conversation with one another. The voices here recall and respond to Jan Zwicky, Ludwig  Wittgenstein, Plato, and others.

Read more on the Hardscrabble Press website.

Want a little taste of an upper-year philosophy course?

Watch Dr. Jane Dryden discuss one of her specialties, the philosophy of disability! For more on this general topic, students can take PHIL 3741: Philosophy of Disability. The video was created in August 2020 to engage students who self-isolated as a precautionary measure during the Covid-19 pandemic.



Food Ethics and Justice 
Mount Allison PPE student turns interest in environmental justice, climate change into independent study 

Better health care for all
Bella Stein (’17) is helping to improve healthcare outcomes for BC First Nations communities
Mount Allison introduces new Bachelor of Arts and Science in Interdisciplinary Health Studies 
New program aims to welcome 40-50 students each year beginning in Fall 2022 

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