To develop an understanding of economics is to develop a deeper understanding of the world and how — and why — it functions as it does.

Economics touches all aspects of society, whether you are an entrepreneur trying to build a new business, a public servant formulating policy, or the head of a non-profit organization serving a need in your community.

Expanding your knowledge of economics and how its principles apply locally and globally is a valuable asset to any citizen, no matter your chosen career.

Explore the Department of Economics and learn more about what economics can offer you.



Life as an entrepreneur with Alan Kong: Summer Student Internship 
Economics student Alan Kong is completing his second entrepreneurship internship as a videographer and photographer through the Experiential Learning & Career Development Internship Program at Mount Allison. 
Dr. Nauman Farooqi to join St. Thomas University as President and Vice-Chancellor
Dean of Business and Social Sciences Dr. Nauman Farooqi appointed STU's 14th President and Vice-Chancellor. The five-year appointment begins July 1, 2023. 
PPE student Sadie Shelly is the recipient of a prestigious McKenna School Scholarship
Awards program is making a big difference for students at the Frank McKenna School of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

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