Today’s graduates need to be adaptable.

They need to be able to learn new skills, to look at an issue from different points of view, to be independent thinkers who are not afraid to tackle a challenge.

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics program

Mount Allison's Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) program helps students develop critical-thinking skills that will serve them well no matter their chosen career. The program gives students insight into the meaning of citizenship, how government works, the nature of justice, and the outcomes of economic systems and policies.

Innovation in student experience and developing future leaders

The multidisciplinary PPE program gives students the opportunity to look at the world through three distinct disciplines.

It cultivates a deeper and more meaningful understanding of how and why the world works as it does, broadly educating students to help them consider complex contemporary concerns and equipping them with better tools to be able to improve the human condition.

Philosophy, politics, and economics share a concern with the widely varying ideas of what is good for human beings and the challenges that arise from attempts at realizing and reconciling these different ideas of the good in practice. Each discipline develops this concern from a conceptually and historically distinct standpoint.

Frank McKenna School

The Frank McKenna School of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, set to be officially launched in 2021, advances Mount Allison's capacity for new scholarly activity and supports for students in the PPE program. 

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Philosophy, Politics, and Economics