Mount Allison was among the first universities in the country to establish a Canadian Studies program.

This well-respected program has earned a national reputation for excellence.

Canadian Studies is an interdisciplinary program that teaches students to think critically about Canada, a diverse and complex settler-colonial nation-state.

The professors who teach in Canadian Studies are committed to varied and innovative classroom strategies and are known for being a friendly and collaborative team. They have backgrounds in English, History, Indigenous Studies, and Women's and Gender Studies.

Canadian Studies courses explore the complexities of the country, including its vast and varied geography and its regional distinctions, as well as the intricacies of environmental issues, settler-Indigenous relations, bilingualism, multiculturalism, and cultural representation.

"When I took my first Canadian Studies class in my second year, I knew right away that it was something I wanted to pursue. Canadian Studies is an interdisciplinary program that creates opportunity for discussion amongst peers and develops critical thinking skills. There is an opportunity to make connections throughout your other courses that will help broaden your knowledge.

The Canadian Studies program strives for a well-rounded education that can be used in different aspects of your life."

- Taylor Wry, Class of '21

“Majoring in Canadian Studies was the best academic decision I could have made. Drawing from various subjects, the interdisciplinary program has allowed me to continue to pursue topics of interest as well as discover new ones. My French minor, which gave me the chance to take Canadian Studies courses in my second language, also took me to Europe! The flexibility of the program introduced me to new academic areas that I previously would not have considered and inspired me to go for a second minor in Political Science. Additionally, the Canadian Studies professors have given me a variety of research and teaching assistant opportunities, which has been great experience! I could not have made a better degree choice.”

- Jenna Green, Class of '22


Centre for Canadian Studies

The program benefits from its collaboration with Mount Allison’s Centre for Canadian Studies. An invaluable resource, the Centre supports and extends student learning through an exciting program of public lectures and extracurricular events.

The Centre also funds the W. P. Bell Postdoctoral Fellowship, which brings exceptional emerging scholars to Mount Allison.

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Canadian Studies