Knowledge. Critical thinking. Engagement.

Mount Allison’s Department of Politics and International Relations combines traditional and innovative approaches to equip students with the knowledge and critical thinking skills they need for active and creative engagement with the world around them.

The Department’s faculty are accomplished scholars and teachers whose expertise reaches across the fields of Canadian politics, comparative politics, global studies, international politics, and political theory.

Intensive learning and research opportunities abound for students interested in building upon the foundation of their course work through independent study projects or through study abroad programs and other international experiences.

Students are involved in many clubs and societies on campus as well as in the community and internationally. They are regularly recognized by the University for their contributions to life at Mount Allison.





Meet Health and Wellness Intern Oliver Batchilder
PPE student reflects on his experience in unique internship supporting fellow students. 
Gale Force Theatre
Franziska Glen (‘16), Lily Frank (‘18) join forces to create theatre opportunities
From the MASU to Parliament Hill
Former students' union president Emelyana Titarenko ('20) helping to drive change in Canadian politics

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