German Studies program | Mount Allison

The German Studies program at Mount Allison provides you with a well-rounded introduction to German language and Germanic culture.

Our program consists of courses in language, literature, and culture and is organized in such a fashion that it can accommodate absolute beginners, but also students with previous knowledge of German.

Complementing the on-campus German program are numerous study and work abroad possibilities, which provide students with opportunity to travel, study, and live in German-speaking countries.


German is available as a minor only.

Please contact the program advisor ( for more information.


The following courses will be offered during the 2021-22 academic year. For full course listings and course descriptions, visit the Academic Calendar.

Fall 2021

GERM 1001: Elementary German I is an introductory language course for students with no previous knowledge of German. Basic German syntax and grammar are introduced. A mandatory language lab hour is associated with this class in order to also develop speaking skills. (2 sections)

GERM 2001: Intermediate German I is a second-year language course for students who have successfully completed GERM 1011. It consists of a thorough review of grammar, while continuing to build vocabulary and cultural knowledge of German-speaking countries. Focus is given to the development of oral skills and conversation.

GERM 2811: Turn-of-the-Century Vienna

GERM 3001: Advanced German I


Winter 2022

GERM 1011: Elementary German II is a continuation of GERM 1001 and is aimed to solidify the knowledge gained in GERM 1011. Same textbook is used as in GERM 1001. (2 sections)

GERM 2011: Intermediate German II is a continuation of GERM 2001 and it is geared towards furthering knowledge of both German language and culture. Emphasis is given to the development of oral and conversation skills.

GERM 3501: German Protest Literature

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