See the Academic Calendar for the courses required for programs in Commerce.

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Degree options

Bachelor of Commerce

The primary objective of the Commerce program is to explore with students the nature of the business world, and thus help them acquire administrative knowledge and skills. Studies focus on the process of effective problem-solving and decision-making in the business environment through the development of management systems, which combine quantitative analysis and human judgment.

The program is designed to enable students to take courses in a variety of business subject areas (such as management, accounting, finance, marketing) while completing a minor in a non-Commerce discipline.

The Commerce degree is highly flexible, reflecting the diverse business society that students will enter after graduation.

Bachelor of Commerce ― Aviation

There is also the option to do a Bachelor of Commerce ― Aviation. This program is designed for students who wish to combine their aviation training with business studies. As a Commerce student, you will study a variety of business areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, and management ― giving you a strong foundation in the key disciplines of management education.

Transferring to Commerce

If you would like to transfer to Commerce, please refer to the requirements listed in the Academic Calendar.