What can you do with a philosophy degree?

The study of philosophy makes for thoughtful, engaged, and intelligent citizens of the world, who chart their own course.

Here are some examples of what our students have gone on to do:

  • Many of our students have gone on to graduate school in philosophy at top schools like Toronto, Harvard, Stanford, and Western, and from there on to be professors at institutions like Tufts, Bishop’s, Concordia, Queen’s, and King’s College.
  • Others have gone on to professional law programs at institutions like McGill, Dalhousie, Toronto, and Queen’s, or have completed teaching degrees. (Philosophy is now a teachable in Ontario.) It’s also worth noting that philosophy grads have been shown to score very highly on the GRE, LSAT, and other standardized admission tests.
  • Our students have become established artists, museum curators, radio station co-ordinators, inventors of plagiarism detection engines, and managers of corporate management information systems.
  • Our students teach English in all parts of the world, advocate on behalf of people with disabilities on university campuses, or research on environmental issues for think-tanks. One graduate is working and living in a L’Arche community with men and women with intellectual disabilities.
  • Former students have become professional writers and journalists, committed grassroots environmentalists, corporate executives at multinational corporations, small business owners and operators, professional actors, musicians of every ilk, film editors, corporate headhunters, doctors, and consultants.

What would you like to do?