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Michael J. Tucker Award

Established in honor of Dr. Tucker on his retirement in 2009, the Michael J. Tucker award is given annually to a student in Political Science with high academic standing and intellectual promise.

Hope Edmond
2023 recipient

"The memories and friendships that I have made will last a lifetime."

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My Mt. A experience has helped shape me into the person that I am today. I have learned so much from my courses, and many things about myself. I was privileged enough to become involved in orientation week, house council, The Argosy, and the Sociology Society.

I was incredibly shocked to receive the Michael J. Tucker Award, and I am humbled and grateful that I was selected. The award will help cover costs that come with graduate studies.

I am attending the University of King's College in Halifax, NS, to pursue a Master of Journalism. I have always deeply cared about issues of injustice, and my courses allowed me to research them further. Combined with my experience at The Argosy, the student newspaper, political science has prepared me well for journalism.

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MASU Political Science Award

Awarded to a student in recognition of excellence in academics and extensive community engagement.

Grace Tarrant
2023 recipient

"I thank the Political Science/IR department for providing a thought-provoking education and incredible support and encouragement throughout my time at Mt. A."

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I am honoured to be recognized as the MASU Political Science Award recipient for academic and community engagement.

My engagement at Mount Allison began with volunteering for SHARE as an educator and as a House Council Representative, providing support to students in residence when needed. I was Member-At-Large for the Political Science and IR Society in 2020, the same year I began working for the student-run independent newspaper, The Argosy, as an opinions editor. I later became a news editor and held that position throughout my final year.

Being recognized for this award makes me happy to have been a part of a community that makes participation in the meaningful extracurriculars so worthwhile. I am now pursuing graduate studies at Saint Mary's University in Atlantic Canada Studies.

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Frank Strain Award in International Relations

Established in honour of Dr. Strain, the Frank Strain Award is given to a student in International Relations with high academic standing and intellectual promise.

Astrid Kreuger
2023 recipient

"I was always encouraged to be creative."

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This extended to exploring complex circumstances through interdisciplinary lenses, like historiography, critical epistemology, and feminist philosophy. I thank my professors for this encouragement and who inspired us to dive deeper, look more critically, and find new ways of understanding the issues at hand.

It is an honor to accept the Frank Strain award among so many of my brilliant, dedicated, and endlessly generous peers.

In 2023-2024, I will be an intern with the Ontario Legislative Internship Program working directly with MPPs and conducting research. In International Relations, we learn about how groups with competing interests come together to solve problems. I'm eager to apply this knowledge in my internship.

I will continue seeking opportunities to learn more about Canada's shifting global identity, and will always be grateful for the knowledge gained, lessons learned, and memories made at Mount A.

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MASU International Relations Award

Awarded to a student in recognition of excellence in academics and extensive community engagement.

Maria Luiza De Barros Guiguer
2023 recipient

"Receiving this award is incredibly fulfilling."

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I am deeply grateful to everyone who supported me throughout this journey, for contributing to my academic success and playing a role in shaping me into a responsible and engaged citizen.

Upon arriving, I was uncertain about what to expect, considering the remarkable difference between the Maritimes and where I am from, Brazil. However, I can confidently say that my experience has been immensely valuable. I had the privilege of learning from knowledgeable professors, engaging with different perspectives, and immersing myself in the Sackville community. I was not only encouraged to gain a deeper understanding of my own cultural background but also had the opportunity to raise awareness about it.

Mt. A has instilled in me a desire to help promote social change and awareness in whatever path forward I choose. I am inspired by the transformative power of education and the importance of being an active citizen.

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Department of Politics & International Relations — Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (Politics Emphasis) Award

The Award is given annually to a student in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics with a Politics emphasis with high academic standing and intellectual promise.'

Martha Pitre
2022 recipient

"The PPE program has a special place in my heart."

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The professors were always so open to exploring my curiosities, the administration made it easy to find opportunities for experiential learning, and the cohort was always eager to learn from one another.

I entered graduate school with a widely recognized, well-respected, and unique undergraduate experience where I received a summer research grant, was a teaching assistant, and was paid to work with my dream non-profit organization, the International Institute for Child Rights and Development (IICRD).

After graduation, I accepted the positions of Communications Lead and Associate with the IICRD. I am now pursuing an MA in political science at McGill University, where I am a McCall MacBain Scholar.

I owe so much of my post-MtA success to the PPE program, the associated experiences, the professors, the program’s interdisciplinarity, and the professional and academic doors it opened.


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2024 Olivia Hart
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MASU Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (Politics Emphasis) Award

Awarded to a student in recognition of excellence in academics and extensive community engagement.

Kaitlyn Keleher
2023 recipient

"Mount Allison's PPE Program prepared me well to enter the world as a curious, forward thinking individual seeking to make a difference."

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I made invaluable connections with faculty, and their unwavering support led me to experiences beyond my expectations.

I was able to take advantage of our opportunities for experiential learning, attaining summer internships at nonprofits, as well as the L.R. Wilson internship in public policy. My experience as an intern on Parliament Hill is one I will cherish forever, and solidified my confidence as a woman who belongs in the political sphere.

I am thankful to be recently named a Frank McKenna Scholar and owe my successes to the PPE Program. I have recently accepted a job with the Government of New Brunswick, where I will work for the Crime Prevention and Program Development sector of the Department of Justice and Public Safety.

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Department of Politics & International Relations and Department of Economics — Canadian Public Policy Award

Initiated in 2022, this joint departmental Award is given annually to a student in Canadian Public Policy with high academic standing and intellectual promise.

MASU Canadian Public Policy Award

Awarded to a student in recognition of excellence in academics and extensive community engagement.

2024 Harley Ann Siddall