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Undergraduate research

Applications are now closed for Summer 2022.

Information on available opportunities and how to apply is available each faculty member listed below.

Dr Michael Cormier

The web has become a vital part of daily life, but remains difficult to use with assistive interfaces like the screen readers used by visually impaired users. Since the page is two-dimensional while the screen reader's audio stream is only one-dimensional, the screen reader must provide methods for navigating between parts of each individual web page. This requires an understanding of the structure of the page; this is usually based on the source code, but the source code is often complex and confusing. I am currently working on the methods for parsing web pages using state-of-the-art hybrid models, which combine probabilistic reasoning and deep learning (especially convolutional neural networks). This summer I plan to work on web page segmentation and region classification using these models. I hope to hire at least two students. Ideally,students will have background in Python programming, statistics, or artificial intelligence, but you don't need experience in all of them! I am also interested in supervising an ISRG student, and I'll be happy to work with you on an application.

Please email micormier@mta.ca@mta.ca by- December 3rd, 2021 to apply. Late applications may be considered.

Dr. Peter Lelievre


Geophysics combines concepts from mathematics,
computer science, physics and Earth sciences. Geophysical inversion is a
computationally intensive procedure, relying on accurate numerical solution of the
differential equations that describe the physical phenomena involved, and development of numerical optimization routines tailored to the specific inverse problem at hand. My research group is currently using these techniques to investigate the internal structure and composition of flood barriers (dykes and dams) and for mineral exploration problems. I am dedicated to fostering a diverse and cooperative academic research environment: I encourage students from underrepresented groups to apply.

Please email plelievre@mta.ca by December 3rd , 2021 to apply. Late applications may be considered.

Becoming a tutor

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science helps students looking for math or computer science tutors connect with students interested in tutoring.

If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please contact the Department at math@mta.ca to express your interest and indicate your availability.

Becoming a teaching assistant

Mathematics TAs

Submit your application for a teaching assistant (TA) position in mathematics by completing the Math TA Application Form.

Applications for Winter 2023 positions are now open. Deadline to apply is December 19th. APPLY HERE

First-year TA positions also require a brief face-to-face meeting in addition to the application. E-mail math@mta.ca to set up this meeting or for more information.

Computer science TAs

Submit your application for a teaching assistant (TA) position in Computer Science by completing the Comp Sci TA Application Form.

Applications for Winter 2023 positions are now open. Deadline to apply is December 19th. APPLY HERE

For information you can email comp-ta@mta.ca


There will be a workshop for all new TAs during the first week of classes.

Please note that you must have a valid Social Insurance Number to work as a TA.

If you have any questions about the TA positions, please e-mail the appropriate address above.

Teaching assistant certificate

To be awarded in their graduating year to undergraduate students who have successfully completed the following requirements:

  • Be a TA responsible for labs (excludes marking only) in at least two different math or computer science courses, for a full semester each.
  • Attend a TA orientation session offered by the Department or a comparable workshop.
  • Enhance the teaching of a course in some concrete way with consultation and under the supervision of the course instructor. For example, the TA could:
    • present a short segment of supplementary material in a lab session
    • prepare a short hand-out (or web posting) featuring problems of a type observed to cause difficulties in the lab
    • contribute to the creation of lab material
    • offer a pre-test or pre-exam review session
    • otherwise demonstrate good judgement, mature teaching ability, and involvement in curriculum enhancement.
  • Course instructors (faculty) or lab supervisors (staff member) must also sign off with comments upon successful completion of this requirement. TAs hoping to fulfill this requirement in a particular semester and those closest to their graduation date will be given priority.
  • Complete and submit a TA Certificate application form by the last day of classes of the student's graduating year. Once you have applied online, the department will verify each component with supervising faculty or staff.


  • Obtain an application form from the Math/CS office, the first year you work as a TA. (For current TAs, do this as soon as possible.)
  • Complete and return the updated form to the office each year before March 15.
  • Certificates are awarded each year at the annual Departmental banquet.
  • A record is kept on file of those awarded certificates; with the student's permission, this information may be used in letters of reference written on the student's behalf.

Departmental Awards & Scholarships

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers a variety of departmental awards and scholarships.

Current students will automatically be considered for departmental scholarships and awards if they meet the criteria. These scholarships and awards do not require an application and are generally given out during the fall term.

Every bit of information we have on your extracurricular activities can help us make the most informed decision, however.

Please tell us what type(s) of extracurricular activities (i.e. music, athletics, student government, clubs, off and on-campus activities and volunteer work, summer research, conferences etc….) you participate in.

Departmental awards supplemental information form.


Clubs and societies

Math and Computer Science Society

Executive 2022/2023

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  • VP Internal: Abigail Gogan
  • VP External: Eli Vandenberg
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Laura Paul

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