Math Assessment Test | Mount Allison

The Math Assessment Test is used to determine your present mathematics ability.

You must take this test if you plan to take MATH 1151.

If you don’t pass the MAT test after two attempts, you must take Functions (MATH 1011) to help you prepare for calculus.

We have found that students who struggle with the Math Assessment Test also struggle in calculus.

You can take the test anytime on your own computer. We strongly encourage you to take the test before term begins, so that you can adjust your course schedule if necessary. If you don’t take the test before term, you will be required to write the test during the first two weeks of term.

To take the MAT test:

  • Log into Moodle. (You are required to have an account at Mount Allison University to do this).
  • The Math Assessment Test is located in the "Miscellaneous" section.
  • Inside the module there is also a Sample Assessment test. You can take this as many times as you like. You are strongly encouraged to complete this sample-test before attempting the official test.

Frequently asked questions

The FAQ below includes common questions that students have about the Math Assessment Test. If you have any questions about the test that are not answered here, please e-mail the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at


Q: When do I take the Math Assessment Test (MAT)?

You can take the test anytime once you have a e-mail address and can log into Moodle.

We strongly encourage you to take the test before term begins. If you don’t complete the test before term begins, we will require you to take the assessment test during your first week of classes.

Q: How long is the MAT and how much time will I have?

The test has 25 questions. You will have 50 minutes to complete it, and the passing mark is 60%.

Q: What happens if I fail the test?

You have the option of trying the test a second time. Students who are unable to pass the test after two attempts will be automatically unregistered from their course, unless they consult with their professor.

You will then be automatically enrolled in the preparatory Math 1011 (Functions) course offered in the fall term. After you complete Functions you can take calculus without writing the Math Assessment Test again.

Q: Can I start going to class before I take the test?

Yes. Please go to class in your first week of classes, even if you haven't done the test yet. But, again, we encourage you to do the test before term begins.

Q: Do I have to take the test if I have already passed the test in a previous year?


Q: I have already passed something called the Math Placement Test at Mount Allison. Is that the same as the Math Assessment Test?


Q: Do I have to take the test if I have already taken MATH 1111 or Math 1151, but failed the course?


Q: Do I have to take the test if I have previously registered in MATH 1111 or Math 1151, but withdrew from the course?

Only if you have not previously taken the test.

Q: I am registered for Math 1151 in the winter term. Should I take the assessment test in September or January?

You can take the test at any time before the course begins.

Q: I need to review math before I take the test. How do I do this?

There are many ways to review. First, take the online sample assessment test in Moodle. It will show you the areas of math where you are weak.

Make a list of areas that you need to review. Review these areas using old notes that you have from high school, or search online to find tutorial pages on the content you need to review.

Two particularly good websites for this are Purplemath and S.O.S. Mathematics. Note that both these websites cover additional material to what is required in preparation to take the test.

Two additional resources are Khan Academy and Just Math Tutorials, which are video-based. You will need to select the videos that are relevant to what you need to review. We have also posted a Preparing for University Calculus Handbook below.

Q: If I pass the Math Assessment Test, but don't feel confident in my math background, can I choose to take Math 1011 instead of Math 1151?




If you would like to refresh your skills before taking the MAT, we have a free preparatory (non-credit) Functions course available here:

Course name:  Precalculus @ MtA
Course ID:  70938
Enrollment key:  precalc

We also have a Preparing for University Calculus handbook available:

For information on the math that you should review before taking a first-year calculus course, the following handbook is a great resource:

Preparing for University Calculus (pdf)