Computer science TA/marker application form

This form is for those interested in working as TAs or graders for Computer Science courses during the Fall 2024 term. We may have your interest already noted from a previous application but please complete the current form so that we know which course sections suit your schedule.

Those wishing to apply to be tutors in the Math and Computer Science Help Centres should use the Mathematics TA, marker, and Math/Comp help center application form

Application deadline

Applications should be submitted by Friday, August 9th, 2024.

However, applicants are strongly encouraged to apply early as the interview and hiring process will begin immediately and proceed over the summer.      

If you are uncertain of your timetable or availability for the semester, or if you are only interested in grading duties, please select Other in the form below and specify any details in the provided field.

By submitting this form, you grant the Math and Computer Science Dept. access to view and download your Mt.A transcript and student schedule for the purposes of evaluating your application.

For further details, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Specific considerations

Applicants should have taken (or received credit for) the relevant course(s).
All TA positions include some grading responsibilities outside of scheduled class or lab times.

For COMP 1631 applicants:
Preference may be given to applicants available for both classes of the same section, (Tues/Thur and Wed/Fri), but this is not strictly required.

Classes requiring TA support begin in the first week of classes, Sept. 3rd–6th. Hiring is expected to be complete by August 23th as some training may be held during the week preceding classes, (Aug. 26th–Sept. 30st). Applicants should expect to be available during this period.

Before you begin to fill in this form, make sure you have your:

  • student ID number
  • course schedule

* Indicates required field

Year of study

Have you TA'd or marked for any Mount Allison courses previously?

Available positions

Please check all positions for which you wish to be considered. All times are in Atlantic Time.

If you have any preference for which section(s) would be ideal for you, or other considerations, please detail them here.