Environmental studies focuses on the human dimensions of environmental change and sustainability.

Program description

The environmental studies BA is designed for students interested in the human dimensions of environmental change and problem-solving, including environmental behaviour, economics, management, planning, and politics.

It operates as an inter-disciplinary, cross-departmental degree program and leads to the completion of a minor, major, or honours.

The Environmental Studies program has focal streams in four areas:

  1. Environment and society
  2. Environmental policy and economics
  3. Environmental history and philosophy
  4. Ecology and environment

For the courses required for the Environmental Studies program and streams see the Academic Calendar.

Not all courses are offered annually so students need to pay careful attention to the planned patterns of course rotation and to seek advice from the Department as needed.

To keep track of the courses you have taken it is useful to fill in a degree audit form.

Program advisor



Environmental Science Lab AVDX G9

Our general laboratory space equipped with basic environmental science tools and set-up as an ideal teaching space.

R-Peace non-traditional classroom

A space that support students’ development of themselves as engaged citizens of their communities.

G&E Research Commons 

A shared departmental space where we can meet, plan, and research.

GIS Lab AVDX 115

Our general GIS laboratory space equipped with 24 computers licensed to run ESRI Arc GIS software.


Course work and independent study will often take students outside in Sackville, where extensive wetlands, forests, and stunning landscapes of the Bay of Fundy abound.

Urban environment

In environmental studies we often spend time examining human behaviour and engaging our communities like Sackville, Moncton, other Maritime cities, and beyond.