In April 2016 Mount Allison was proud to host the Intersections and Connections conference on transition to employment for students with disabilities. The conference brought together students, employers, service providers, practitioners, and scholars from around the Atlantic region. They discussed the latest research and explored best practices in expanding accessibility from post-secondary education into the workforce for students with disabilities.

The planning committee felt it was important to focus on practical and effective solutions that benefit both graduates and employers. We wanted to put resources into the hands of our students that would empower them as they enter the workforce. Therefore, at the conclusion of Intersections and Connections we announced that, as an outcome of the conference, we would create a guide to help post-secondary students with disabilities navigate the world of employment.

We are proud to release the completed publication, Transition to Employment for University Graduates with Disabilities (pdf).

This 75-page booklet is divided into three sections that address such topics as:

  • Job search
  • Application and interview process
  • Disclosure
  • Legal rights and obligations
  • Employment support resources for persons with disabilities

Limited quantities are available in print upon request.

For more information, please contact the Meighen Centre's Matt Kalichuk at