Programs and resources for Meighen Centre students | Mount Allison

As a Meighen Centre student, you have access to many programs and resources.

Lending library

The Meighen Centre has several smart pens, iPads, and laptops available to loan to students on a per semester basis.

If you want to try smart pen to see if you like it, you can sign it out for a semester.

Students must take care of all equipment and return it in good working condition at the end of the semester.

Please contact Matt Kalichuk at, or in person at the Meighen Centre room #331, to see if you qualify for the smart pen lending program or other assistive technology loans.

Peer mentorship

Students registering for this program are paired with a mentor who is an experienced student registered with the Meighen Centre.

Generally pairs meet once a week to discuss such things as organization, academics, social life, or any other topic that can help to foster success at university.

You might meet for coffee and talk about a book or recent news. You might work on an academic schedule or play a game of chess or cards. Depending on individual needs, the topics and activities will vary.

The goal is to encourage both academic and social success for you while also benefiting the entire Mount Allison community.

Faculty, staff, and the entire student population gain from the success and achievements of students that have the ability to prosper with appropriate guidance and support.

Peer mentors report to the peer mentor co-ordinator who is supervised by Meighen Centre staff.

Mentors are required to keep information confidential and have an understanding of boundaries that are to be kept.

Interested in becoming a Meighen Centre mentor or a mentee? Contact

Counselling services

Meighen Centre students have access to counselling services, including:

  • Academic — course selection & program selection
  • Personal — referrals
  • Financial — assistance with Canada Student Loans, Canada Access Grants, Grants for Services & Equipment for Students with Disabilities
  • Career and post-graduation — issues dealing with employment and graduate schools

Mount Allison counsellors provide guidance for a number of personal concerns and help students to develop coping skills and strategies for self-care. They provide an open, supportive environment where you can share your concerns confidentially.

To access counselling services, contact

Financial aid and grants for students with disabilities

Government grants

Canadian students with disabilities may be eligible for grant funding through the provincial government of their home province.

It is highly recommended that students registering (or registered) with the Meighen Centre apply for available government grants. Available grants can provide funding for services (such as tutoring and note taking) and equipment (such as computers, printers, smart pens, software, and other assistive technologies).

To apply for these grants, apply through your province or territory.

You may be required to submit supplemental forms (in consultation with the Meighen Centre and your healthcare professional).


Disability Tax Credit

Students may also be interested in the Disability Tax Credit (DTC), which is a non-refundable tax credit that helps persons with disabilities or their supporting persons reduce the amount of income tax they may have to pay.

Being eligible for the DTC can also open the door to other government programs such as the registered disability savings plan, the working income tax benefit disability supplement, and the child disability benefit.

Looking for academic accommodations?

Questions? Email