The Crake Endowment supports a number of opportunities and activities at Mount Allison.

Dr. John Ernest Alexander Crake was a professor of classics at Mount Allison University from 1946 to 1976.

Seven years before his death in 1983 he founded the Crake Institute which began a program of support for projects which reflected his concern for the humanities (particularly classics), scholarship, Mount Allison, and the Anglican Church.

The J.E.A. Crake Foundation continues and builds upon the work undertaken by the Institute. For example, in March 2023 it funded a bus trip for students to visit the Boston Museum of Fine Arts where they saw an exhibition of ancient Greek and Roman art.

The Crake Lectureship in Classical Studies

The Department of Classics and the Crake Foundation annually invite a distinguished scholar to give a public lecture on a subject drawn from the cultures of Greece and Rome.

Dr. Ian Storey, Professor Emeritus from Trent University, delivered last year's Crake Lectures in the Owens Art Gallery.

“Retracing the Odyssey” was held on Thursday, October 20th at 4:30pm.
“Metamorphoses of a Monster” was held on Friday, October 21st at 4:30pm.

The Crake Doctoral Fellowship in Classics

This fellowship is awarded annually to a graduate student who can reasonably be expected to finish their doctorate in classics during the year of tenure. The holder is asked to teach the equivalent of six credits and give a public lecture.

Our Crake Doctoral Fellow in Classics for 2023-24 is Matthew Ludwig from the University of Toronto.

Past Crake Doctoral Fellows

Year        Fellow (PhD school)

2022-23  Drew Davis  (Toronto)
2021-22  Cassandra Tran  (McMaster)

2020-21  Fae Amiro  (McMaster)
2019-20  David Wallace-Hare  (Toronto)
2018-19  John Fabiano  (Toronto)
2017-18  Simeon Ehrlich  (Stanford)
2016-17  Chelsea Gardner  (UBC)
2015-16  Jonathan Vickers  (Western)
2014-15  Chris Dawson  (York)
2013-14  Peter Miller  (Western)
2012-13  Tyson Sukava  (UBC)
2011-12  Laura Mawhinney  (Toronto)

2010-11  Scott Gallimore  (SUNY Buffalo)
2009-10  Katherine A. Liong  (Edinburgh)
2008-09  Jody M. Gordon  (Cincinnati)
2007-08  Milo Nikolic  (Victoria)
2006-07  Allison Surtees  (Johns Hopkins)
2005-06  Aven McMaster  (Toronto)
2004-05  Andrew Faulkner  (Oxford (Merton Collage))
2003-04  Rachel Levine  (Toronto)
2002-03  Carol J. King  (Brown)
2001-02  Brad Levett  (Washington (Seattle))

2000-01  Myles McCallum  (SUNY Buffalo)
1999-00  Kelly MacFarlane  (Alberta)
1998-99  Leslie Shumka  (Victoria)
1997-98  Paul Chénier  (Stanford)
1996-97  John Harris  (Illinois (Urbana-Champaign))
1995-96  Gordon Nixon  (Toronto)
1994-95  Rebecca Nagel  (Harvard)
1993-94  Angela Kalinowski  (Toronto)
1992-93  Christopher Marshall  (Edinburgh)
1991-92  Frances A. Skoczylas   (Toronto)

1990-91  Thomas Goud  (Toronto)
1989-90  Riemer A. Faber  (Toronto)
1988-89  Carol Gordon  (McMaster)
1987-88  Sarah M. Bonnycastle  (Michigan)
1986-87  Hans Vanderleest  (Toronto)
1985-86  William G. Kerr (Princeton)

The Crake Traveling Scholarship For Summer Study in Greece or Italy

This scholarship is awarded annually to a second or third year student in classics at Mount Allison. The award has an approximate value of $6,000 and covers the cost of return airfare, room and board, and tuition for a summer program recognized by the Department of Classics. Qualified students should consult the head of the Department before the end of the fall term.

To apply for the scholarship:

Fill out this form in your browser, print it, and sign it.

Email the completed form to

The deadline for this year's competition is January 31, 2024.