Research opportunities

Research projects are available for honours students in the summer months following the third year and sometimes after the first or the second years. Financial support for up to four months is available through scholarships, fellowships, and other support made available especially for this purpose.

Undergraduate research

All faculty members in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry have active research programs with undergraduates playing key roles in their productivity. Undergraduate students can be involved in the research programs of faculty members by volunteering their time throughout the academic year or by participating in summer research.

The professors' individual webpages contain information about research currently under investigation. Students are also encouraged to contact faculty members to learn more about their research interests.

Summer research

Throughout the summer months, students are paid a stipend for their efforts in the lab. These stipends may be covered from the research grants of faculty members, while students may also apply for funding. Applications for Independent Student Research Grants can be obtained from the Research Office in early January. Students wishing to apply should contact a Chemistry or Biochemistry faculty member for more details.

Graduate research

Mount Allison offers a Master of Science degree in chemistry in which both the course and research components may be completed on campus. Graduate students are paid a stipend while exceptional students may also be eligible for the Rice Memorial Fellowship.

Students are also encouraged to apply for external scholarships, such as a NSERC PGS-M. Students wishing to apply to the MSc program should first identify a potential research supervisor by contacting individual Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty members.

Application forms and other information regarding the program may be found at the Graduate Studies website.

Becoming a teaching assistant

Chemistry & Biochemistry Society

The Chemistry/Biochemistry Society is devoted to creating a supportive and collaborative learning environment for students in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Mount Allison.

We work in collaboration with faculty members to provide students with the resources needed to succeed and thrive during their studies in the Department. The society organizes peer tutoring, help sessions, and lab report writing tutorials throughout the year. In the past, we have planned events like trivia night, dodgeball, intramural teams, and Chem/Biochem Week!


Want to know more? Interested in tutoring? Let us know:

Instagram: chembiocmta
Facebook: MtA Chemistry/Biochemistry Society

Executive 2023-24

Aditaya Kalia — Co-President

Hello everyone! My name is Aditaya Kalia, and I will be one of your Co-Presidents this year. I came to MtA from Truro NS, and am in my final year of a Bachelor's of Science with Honours in Biochemistry, conducting research under the supervision of Dr. Rourke. My research focuses on determining the effects of the artificial sweetener Sucralose on gut cancer cells, and to figure out whether these effects are mediated through the G-Protein coupled receptor GPR52!


Ryu Williston — Co-President

Hey! My name is Ryu (but you can call me Roo) and I am a co-president of the Chem/Biochem society. I am from Miramichi, New Brunswick and I have family from Fukushima, Japan. I am going into my 4th year majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Chemistry and Astronomy. During my free time, you can find me outside playing rugby or sitting on a couch playing video games. Super excited for what's to come!


Zoë LindenSmith — VP Academic

Hi everyone! My name is Zoë LindenSmith and I'm the VP Academic this year. I'm from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and am currently pursuing an Honours in Biochemistry with a minor in French. I am working with Dr. Wong and Dr. MacCormack to characterize the toxicity of non-exhaust vehicle emissions on brook trout gills.  



Abigail Austin — VP Communications

Hello, my name is Abigail Austin (She/They) from Orillia, Ontario. I will be the VP Communications for the Chemistry/Biochemistry society in the 2023/24 year. I am currently entering my fourth year at Mt.A with a double major in Chemistry and Biology with minors in Physics and Psychology.  You can often find me on campus peeling oranges in Dr. Grant's lab :) (for an Enactus project focused on creating an alternative to cork) or working at the Pond. 


Hilary Shea — VP Finance

Hi everyone, my name is Hilary Shea, I am from Bedford, Nova Scotia and I will be the VP Finance this coming year. I am a fourth year honours Biochemistry student with minors in Biology and Chemistry. I am conducting my research in Dr. Waller's lab and am investigating enzymes used in the DMSP biosynthesis pathway in different types of algae. A fun fact about me is that I am on the women's basketball team here at MtA!



Megan Campbell — VP Biochemistry

Hi everyone, my name is Megan Campbell and I am the VP Biochemistry this year! I'm from Halifax, Nova Scotia and entering my fourth year at Mount Allison pursuing a Bachelor of Science with an Honours in Biochemistry and minor in Chemistry. My honours research is being done under the supervision of Dr. Rourke and focuses on the investigation and characterization of the role of phenylalanine in Melatonin GPCR activation!  


Emily England - VP Chemistry

Hi everyone! My name is Emily England, and I will be your VP Chemistry this year! I am from Rothesay, New Brunswick and I'm entering my fourth year with Honours in Chemistry and a minor in Biochemistry. My honours research in Dr. Glen Briand's 'Metal Heads' lab focuses on synthesizing redox-active bismuth catalysts as green alternatives!