Working as a student | Mount Allison

What you need to know as a student employee.

More than 700 students work at the University both part-time during the academic year and full-time through the summer months.

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Once you're hired

Social Insurance Number

In order to be employed by the University you will need to have an active Social Insurance Number (SIN).

If you do not have a SIN please apply for one before you begin working as you will not be able to work and be paid until you have received the notification with your number.

Setting up your payroll

If you're not already in our payroll system, you'll be contacted to complete two payroll forms:

You'll also be asked to provide a void cheque or a direct deposit form from your bank. Your pay will be deposited to your bank account which must be with a financial institution in Canada.

Once these forms are completed, drop them off at Human Resources located at Centennial Hall, 3rd floor. Do NOT email the forms.

While you're an employee

Entering your hours

Students can enter their hours in our web time entry system in Connect.

How to enter your hours
  • Log in to Connect
  • Click on 'Connect for Employees'

Your hours can only be entered during the two-week period in which they are worked. They must be entered and submitted by the deadline for that pay period. This deadline is found on the time entry menu screen.

Entering your time

  • Under the Time Entry and Approval section, click on 'Time Entry'. A list of your positions will appear.
  • Under the Choose Only Once column, selection the position you wish to enter hours and click submit.
  • Enter the number of hours you worked in the 'Hours Work' box for the corresponding day in which you worked. If you work part of an hour, the entry must be in 15-minute blocks (i.e. 1 hour and 15 minutes = 1.25 hours).
  • Click submit to save what you've entered so far. This will bring you to a verification screen then back to the time entry menu. You can enter hours numerous times during the two-week period.
  • Once you've entered all the hours you've worked during the 2 week period of the current payroll cycle, check the box near the bottom of the screen to electronically sign your payroll submission and click submit. This is an important step as your hours will NOT be processed unless you check the electronic signature box. Also remember, if you check the box and submit before all your hours have been entered, you'll no longer have access to enter more hours.

Once submitted, an email will be sent to your supervisor advising that you have submitted your hours for approval.

Your supervisor will review your hours and either approve, change, or reject the hours. You'll receive a verification email specifying whether your hours have been approved.

  • If approved, your hours will be processed and paid to you on the corresponding pay day.
  • If rejected, your hours will not be processed or paid.
  • If your hours are changed, those changed hours will be processed and paid to you on the corresponding pay day.

Getting paid

Student employees are paid on the bi-weekly payroll schedule being paid every second Thursday. For more information, see pay dates and deadlines for 2021 (pdf).

Pay statements, salary of record, T4s and T4As are provided electronically through Connect.

How to access your employment records
  • Log in to Connect
  • Select menu item "Connect for Employees"

To Access Electronic Pay Statements

  • Select menu item "pay statements"
  • Select the pay date for the pay statement you wish to view or print (note: if you need to maximize the window to view your entire pay statement and a blank window then appears, click on the refresh button at the top of the page)
  • Once you finish viewing your pay statement click "close window" and remember to log out

To access your T4 slips:

  • You must consent to receive your T4 and T4A electronically in order to give consent select menu item "T4/T4A electronic consent". You will see two options available, please read each option and click in the circle next to the option to choose your preference for receiving your T4 and/or T4A slip. Once you have chosen your option click on "submit" to save your choice.
  • If you have given consent, select menu item "T4 slips". You will see a security message, click "no".
  • Select the tax year you want to access.
  • Click at the top right hand corner to close the PDF of your T4.
  • Once you finish viewing your T4 slip click "close window" and remember to log out.

To access your T4A slips:

  • Select menu item "view my T4A information"
  • Select the tax year for the T4A slip you want to access
  • Once you finish viewing your T4A click "close window" and remember to log out

To request an Record of Employment please send an email and provide the reason for the request.


If you have any problems accessing Connect, please contact the CSD Help Desk at

If you have any questions about your pay statement, T4, T4A or salary of record, please contact HR at or call (506) 364-2161.