This lecture was established in honour of the first Director of the Centre for Canadian Studies, Dr. George F.G. Stanley (1907-2002). Well known for his role in the design of the Canadian flag and for his distinction as lieutenant governor of New Brunswick from 1982-1987, Dr. Stanley was also an accomplished academic, a Rhodes scholar, a member of the Royal Society, and the author or editor of some 18 books.  In addition to his academic and public career, Dr. Stanley had a significant military and public career, serving as an infantry training officer in Fredericton during the second world war, and rising to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel.
The annual Stanley Lecture is given each year by a distinguished Mount Allison Canadianist.

2003-2004            William Godfrey
2004-2005            Thaddeus Holownia
2005-2006            Alex Fancy
2006-2007            Frank Strain
2007-2008            Andrew Nurse
2008-2009            Nancy Vogan
2009-2010            Christl Verduyn
2010-2011            Robert Campbell
2011-2012            Michael Fox
2012-2013            Gemey Kelly
2013-2014            Craig Brett 
2014-2015            Meaghan Beaton
2015-2016            Bradley Walters
2016-2017            Elizabeth Jewett
2017-2018            Rosemary Polegato