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Departmental standards

The English department expects that students will not make travel plans or schedule off-campus commitments during the academic terms, especially during the examination periods. Except in cases of health or other emergency, certified by the Deans' Office, students are expected to write all tests and exams on the dates specified by the instructors and the University.

Regular attendance is an integral part of the learning experience and is valued and expected in all classes. Attendance and participation are often significant components of course grades.


The English Department considers plagiarism and cheating serious offenses. Individual instructors reserve the right to impose a variety of sanctions, up to and including failure of the entire course. For the University Policy on Academic Offences, please see Section 10.6 of the University Calendar.

Departmental style

The departmental standard is MLA Style.

Research links

Student organizations

English students from the freshman to senior years organize various groups according to their interests. The two most enduring have been the English Students' Society and the Creative Writing Society.

Creative Writing Society

"7 Mondays" is Mount Allison's official Creative Writing Society. The society hosts informal creative writing workshops every Monday at 7 p.m. All students who have any kind of interest in writing are welcome to attend. At these weekly workshops, student writers are invited to share brief samples of their work, and receive input and constructive criticism from the other society members. We also play various games at these weekly meetings which are geared toward developing writing style and technique. "7 Mondays" also puts out an annual student creative writing and photography journal.

English Students' Society

This organization hosts a guest speaker when the students meet every second Monday at 6:30 p.m. throughout the school year. Following the presentation, there is an informal information and refreshment session.

Work opportunities for English graduates

Graduate studies

If you are considering graduate studies in English, take a look at the  Canadian university graduate schools linked below. You may wish to consider universities in other countries as well.