Students register for spring, fall, and winter courses using Connect.

2020-21 course delivery formats

As a pandemic response, Mount Allison has adjusted course delivery for the 2020-21 fall and winter terms. 

Each course will be delivered in one of the following three formats. The course delivery format for each individual course is clearly indicated in Connect.

Scheduled on-campus elements

 Scheduled online only Unscheduled online only

FAQ — 2020-21 academic year

How do I know how each course is being delivered?
You register for courses online using Connect@MTA and each course is clearly labelled with one of course delivery formats listed above.

Will it be mandatory to be on campus this academic year?
Some classes will require students to be on campus for course work, as illustrated above. These are clearly marked in Connect. The University plans to offer these courses in additional terms, so students will have the option to take them at a later date if they are not able to be on campus.

If you are uncertain about your plans for 2020-21, we recommend looking at courses that are offered in the two online formats without on-campus requirements. 

How have classrooms and labs been altered for the current situation?
There are strict guidelines to follow from Public Health and those have been implemented. Lab and classroom spaces have been adjusted to accommodate physical distancing requirements, as well as sanitization and handwashing requirements. Each building was assessed and some spaces were reconfigured to allow for physical distancing. Additional measures such as staggering the times staff are on campus and offering virtual and in-person student support services were also put in place.

Is the format of the unscheduled, online only courses the same as for self-directed learning (SDL) courses?
The unscheduled, online only courses are designed to be quite different than SDL courses.

  •     Course content for these courses will be presented online
  •     In most cases there will be a defined number of students all taking the same course
  •     The instructor has the flexibility to integrate direct, instructional content with individual students or the class 

The only similarity with SDL that there are no scheduled class times. Other than that, course delivery will not be designed to be primarily self-directed, as is the case with SDL courses.

How do I confirm which courses I have registered for?
Full-time students should register for 15 credits (5 courses) in each of the fall and winter terms. You should always confirm your registration choices on ‘My Class Schedule’ before leaving Connect.

If I can’t make it to campus, how would this affect how I choose my courses?
If you can’t make it to campus, we recommend looking at the two online delivery formats without on-campus elements. If there are courses you need to take that have on-campus elements, we recommend that you talk to an academic advisor about possible options.

Once I register for courses, can I change my course schedule if my personal circumstances change?
You can change your course schedule until the second week of classes in each term. You are encouraged to take the time you need to get academic advising ( and make choices that are right for your personal situation as well as your academic path.

If I plan to be on campus, can I still take some online courses?
You can take a blend of online courses and courses with on-campus elements to best meet your needs. 

What type of academic support is there for online courses?

All courses will be guided and supported by the faculty member teaching the course. Students are encouraged to contact their instructors with questions about specific courses, whether they are taking courses on campus or studying remotely. The University is also hiring more teaching assistants and academic mentors to help guide students through this unusual academic year, particularly for those studying online.  

Additionally, most academic support services (advising, the Writing Centre, Math Resource Centre, Student Success workshops, etc.) are being offered remotely. 

For scheduled online classes there is a note in Connect that says ‘room to be announced.’ Do I have to be on campus for these classes?
No, please disregard the note. The only classes that you must be on campus for are the scheduled, with on-campus elements courses.

Who should I contact if I have questions on course registration?
For questions about:

  • Course selection and advising: e-mail to set up a virtual or phone appointment
  • Course registration issues: visit RegHelp or e-mail 
  • For questions about individual courses, please contact the course instructor or department head
  • For all other course delivery questions: e-mail  

Where can I find ongoing updates? 
Students will receive updates via their Mount Allison University e-mail. This information will also be posted to the e-mail messages to students page and general updates can be found on the Campus updates page.

Where can I find information about travel to New Brunswick and the current situation in the province?
For up-to-date information on New Brunswick travel and recovery plans, visit: