Grades, academic standing, and dean's list | Mount Allison


In the first week of classes at the beginning of each academic term, instructors will provide students with written information indicating the policy concerning assignments, tests, final examination, practical and laboratory work, class participation, and attendance.

Grades are posted in Connect as they become available after the final exam period in the fall and winter terms.

When will I get my final grades?

Faculty members must submit final grades to the Registrar's Office according to the following deadlines:

Fall Term: Normally before the University closes for the December holiday. With permission of an Academic Dean an extension may be granted to the day before the start of Winter Term classes.

Winter Term: For all students whose names appear on the prospective May graduation list, four calendar days after the last day of the April examination period. For all other students normally 30 April. For non-graduating students, with permission of an Academic Dean an extension may be granted to the day before the start of Spring/Summer Term classes.

For all other courses: Within seven calendar days of the final exam or the submission of final written work for the course.

Letter grades and their meanings
letter grade descriptor gPA Equivalent
A+ Outstanding 4.3
A Excellent 4.0
A- Very good 3.7
B+ Good 3.3
B Good 3.0
B- Good 2.7
C+ Satisfactory 2.3
C Satisfactory 2.0
C- Satisfactory 1.7
D+ Conditional (non-continuing) pass 1.3
D Conditional (non-continuing) pass 1.0
D- Conditional (non-continuing) pass 0.7
F Failure 0.0
transfer credits descriptor GPA equivalent
P Pass, may be used to fulfill prerequisite requirements excluded from the GPA
CP Conditional pass, may not be used to fulfill prerequisite requirements (also used for aegrotat pass) excluded from the GPA
Other notations Descriptor GPA equivalent
AU Audit excluded from the GPA
CIP Course in progress excluded from the GPA
CTN Continuing, full-year course, final grade recorded in second term excluded from the GPA
DE Course results deferred excluded from the GPA
E Exemption from course excluded from the GPA
INC Incomplete 0.0
W Withdrawal from course after course withdrawl deadline, without academic penalty excluded from the GPA
X Withdrawl from the University excluded from the GPA
* Indicates repeated course  


Academic standing

Academic standing is determined on the basis of the Session Grade Point Average (SGPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).

Academic standing is assessed once per year at the end of the winter academic term. It will be assessed for the first time after you have attempted 18 or more credits at Mount Allison.

What is TGPA, SGPA, and CGPA?
Term Grade Point Average (TGPA) Calculated at the end of each term by dividing the total number of grade points obtained during the term (credit hours x grade points) by the number of credit hours attempted per term.
Session Grade Point Average (SGPA) Calculated at the end of the Winter term in each academic session (Spring/Summer, Fall, Winter) by dividing the total number of grade points obtained during the session (credit hours x grade points) by the number of credit hours attempted.
Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) Calculated by dividing the total number of grade points obtained on all courses (credit hours x grade points) by the total number of credit hours attempted.
Good standing

Students remain in Good Standing if they attain a Session Grade Point Average (SGPA) of at least 1.5 and a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least 1.5.

  • Students must be in Good Standing and have permission of the University for study abroad programs in which the University participates.
  • Students must be in Good Standing if they wish to apply for a Letter of Permission to take courses at another institution. Exceptions must be approved in writing by the appropriate Academic Dean.

Graduating students who have completed all other degree requirements but whose SGPA would normally place them on Academic Probation will remain in Good Standing if their CGPA remains at least 1.5.

Unsatisfactory standing

Students whose academic performance is such that they fail to achieve Good Standing will be placed on either:

  • academic probation
  • academic suspension
  • academic dismissal

This will be recorded on their transcript.

Students who have been notified that their academic performance is such that they have been placed on academic suspension or academic dismissal may appeal their academic standing.


Students who have been in Good Standing will be placed on academic probation if they attain:

  • a session grade point average (SGPA) of less than 1.5 or
  • a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 1.0 but less than 1.5

Student on academic probation are not permitted to register for more than the normal course load (15 credits in each fall and winter term, 12 credits in the spring/summer term)

To return in good standing, students must attain:

  • a session grade point average (SGPA) of at least 1.5 during the probationary period or
  • a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 1.5

Student on probation who do not achieve a SPGA of 1.5 will be placed on academic suspension.


Students in Good Standing will be placed on academic suspension if in any academic year they obtain a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of less than 1.0.

Students who are on academic probation will be placed on academic suspension if they obtain a session grade point average (SGPA) of less than 1.5.

Students on academic suspension may not register for any Mount Allison courses nor receive credit at Mount Allison for courses taken elsewhere during the suspension period. Students may apply for re-admission at the end of the period of academic suspension.

The period of academic suspension is one full year; however, the terms of academic suspension are effective until such time as the student applies for and is offered re-admission to the University.

If accepted, students will be re-admitted on academic probation and special conditions may apply.

To seek re-admission following a period of suspension, students must submit:

These must be received by the Registrar's Office at least two months prior to the academic term for which the student is applying for re-admission and, if applying for re-admission to the study term commencing in September, no later than June 15.


Students who incur a second academic suspension are dismissed for three years.

During dismissal, they may not register for any courses offered by Mount Allison, nor receive credit at Mount Allison for courses taken elsewhere during the dismissal period.

Students may apply for re-admission at the end of the period of academic dismissal.

The terms of academic dismissal are effective until such time as the student applies for and is offered re-admission to the University.

To seek re-admission following a period of dismissal, students should complete:

These should be received by the Registrar's Office at least two months prior to the academic term for which the student is applying for re-admission and, if applying for re-admission to the study term commencing in September, no later than June 15.

Students returning after dismissal will be re-admitted on academic probation and special conditions may apply. If they fail to maintain a session GPA of 1.5, they will be refused further registration at Mount Allison.

For students on academic probation

Advice for students on academic probation

Start by understanding the terms of academic probation as outlined in the Academic Calendar — 10.9.15 Academic Probation.

  • The academic advisor can help you calculate the grades you will need to achieve to return to Good Standing.
  • Take the time to learn about the possible consequences if your academic performance does not improve during the probationary period.
  • You cannot appeal a standing of academic probation since you are permitted to return to studies and have been granted time to work on the problems that led to the probation.

This is an opportunity to reflect and focus on areas of development. Students receive low grades for a variety of different reasons:

  • Academic (preparedness for university studies, ineffective study or organizational skills, poor class attendance, course load too heavy, course selections inappropriate, English language difficulty, did not access necessary accommodations)
  • Long-term academic or career goals (unclear direction, lack of motivation or readiness, changing goals, difficulty connecting education to career or personal goals)
  • Personal (transition to university, social adjustment, homesick, family issues or illness in family, personal problems, roommate issues, difficulty balancing time and commitments outside of school)
  • Financial (insufficient funding, financial stress, working too many hours at paid employment, poor budgeting)
  • Health (missed time due to poor health or medical problems, emotional challenges, test anxiety, stress or mental health affected studies) 

You should honestly evaluate the factors that contributed to your academic standing.

This will help you decide on concrete steps to improve your academic performance. The key to academic success is honestly assessing your position and asking for help when you need it.

  • What factors were beyond your control?
  • What was within your control that you could have managed better?
  • Did you seek help for your problems?
  • What can you do differently moving forward?

Make use of academic support services on campus as needed:

  • The Math Help Centre is a drop-in service for those who need assistance in math
  • The Writing Resource Centre can assist with writing in all subject areas
  • Peer tutors can help with course work
  • Help with research skills is available through the Library
  • Studies skills workshops provide instruction on important skills such as note-taking, time-management, and exam prep
  • Contact the for more details or additional support
  • The Meighen Centre provides services and accommodations to students with documented disabilities

Familiarize yourself with:

Professors and teaching assistants are great resources. Ask questions if you are struggling in a course, and visit your professor for insights into how to succeed.

Make an academic advising appointment. The advisor can help you understand academic probation regulations and review your academic plan to achieve good standing. Discussion topics may include program options, course selection, course load, and referrals to campus resources.

For students on academic suspension

Advice for students on academic suspension

We recommend that you meet with an academic advisor to clarify regulations regarding your academic standing, and discuss your situation.
Take some time to reflect on the circumstances that led to the suspension. This will help you decide how to move forward and take effective action. Were the overriding factors academic, personal, financial or health related? Be honest in your assessment and consider what is within your control to manage more effectively. It may be helpful to review the advice provided for students on academic probation.

If you find yourself placed on academic suspension you have two options to consider.

1) Accept the period of suspension and take a break from your studies

The period of Academic Suspension is one full year. Taking a break from your studies can be a positive thing. It may even improve your academic success in the future. Many students who take the opportunity to put their studies on hold will return to achieve good standing. During this time, you can seek support, attend to personal or family concerns, recover and recuperate, reevaluate your commitments, and assess your priorities.

Here are a few other points to consider:

  • If you were on academic probation prior to the suspension you were warned that you needed to seek assistance, and devise a plan to return to academic success. If you were unable to resolve your problems consider whether enrolling in further courses will lead to considerably more academic jeopardy.
  • Consider your personal goals, and make sure that university is where you want to be. Should your energies be devoted to something else instead? In assessing your commitment to university studies, take the time to evaluate your academic strengths and weaknesses. Reflect on your program choices and review your options in light of your future goals.
  • While away from the University, there are various opportunities you can pursue to help you develop a different perspective to inform your return to studies. Some students choose paid employment to gain new experiences, and save money for tuition and living expenses. This may be significant if you need to work during the academic year and struggle to balance your time.
  • You may also wish to commit to volunteer work, or seek learning experiences outside of the post-secondary context. This allows you to pursue other interests, and build your academic skill level.  Keep in mind, students on Academic Suspension may not receive credit at Mount Allison for courses taken elsewhere during the suspension period.

2) Appeal the academic suspension to be reinstated on academic probation in the upcoming year

Should you decide that it is in your best interest to return to studies immediately you can appeal the academic suspension. The appeal provides you with an opportunity to explain any extenuating circumstances. You can also demonstrate to the committee that you have seriously reflected on your situation, and developed a plan of action.  Consider elaborating on the following as you prepare your letter of appeal:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the factors contributing to your poor academic performance. If possible, provide an explanation for your entire academic record since your suspension may be based on your cumulative GPA (performance across academic sessions).
  • What will you do differently if permitted to return to studies?
  • Have you accessed campus resources to assist with study skills, a (learning) disability, or supports for mental health? What other services or supports do you plan to access if you are readmitted?
  • Are you changing academic direction (switching degrees, choosing a new major program, or refocusing on courses in which you can reasonably expect to succeed)? Have you met with an academic advisor or program advisor to discuss course selection and degree planning?
  • What will help to motivate you and increase the likelihood of academic success?
  • Have any extenuating circumstances been resolved? Are there obstacles you have overcome such that it is likely you will succeed if allowed to continue?
  • If you were on academic probation prior to the suspension you were aware that you were in academic difficulty. Account for why your academic standing did not improve. What aspects of your plan to return to academic success were you able to put into action? What were the challenges? Did new circumstances arise this year that affected your academic performance or were you struggling with the same issues that led to the probationary standing?
  • For many students, the transition to university is not a smooth experience. If this is the end of your first year, reflect on whether you put in the time and effort necessary to be successful in university. Were you able to find a balance with other commitments? Did you regularly attend class and keep up with readings and assignments? Can you commit to working harder with greater focus next year? Do you need to develop your academic skills? Did you struggle adjusting to student life on campus?
Academic appeal of suspension or dismissal

Students who have been notified that they are on academic suspension or dismissal can appeal their academic standing.

They should submit the academic standing appeal form (only available during the appeal period) outlining clearly and thoroughly the reasons for their poor academic performance and why they are ready to return to their studies.

The form must be submitted to the registrar’s office by the mid-June deadline indicated on their letter of notification.

Academic Standing Appeal Forms will be reviewed by the admissions and re-admissions committee. Students will be notified of the committee's decision by the end of June.

If the committee turns down the appeal, the student will be informed how they can further appeal the decision to the re-admissions appeal committee whose decision is final.

Academic standing FAQ

Please refer to academic calendar section 10.9 for more information on student performance evaluations.

How do I know if I am in good academic standing?   

You are in good academic standing if you have a SGPA and CGPA of at least 1.5. You can view your academic standing in your Connect@MTA account by selecting 'My Profile' under the 'Academic Profile' heading.

Why is academic standing important?   

You must be in good academic standing to be considered for study abroad and exchange programs, to apply for a letter of permission (LOP) to take a course at another university, and to apply to overload.

Students who are not in good academic standing also risk being placed on academic probation, suspension, or dismissal.

How will I be informed if I am not in good academic standing?    

At the end of each term, an academic performance indicator is recorded in Connect as either “satisfactory”  or “unsatisfactory” (TGPA of 1.5 or less). This is not recorded on your transcript but allows you to track your performance and seek academic advising if needed.

Academic standing is assessed each year at the end of the Winter term. Students will be notified by email when academic standings have been updated and are made available in Connect@MTA. Students placed on academic suspension or dismissal will be notified in a letter from the chair of the admissions and re-admissions committee. This letter will include information on how to appeal the academic standing. Letters are mailed to the summer address on file for the student and should be received by late May. The letter will also be sent by email.

What happens if I am placed on academic probation?   

Students on academic probation cannot register for more than the normal course load (15 credits in each of the fall and winter terms; 12 credits in the spring/summer term.) Students on probation cannot take courses on letter of permission. They will return to good academic standing if their SGPA at the end of the probationary period is at least 1.5 and their CGPA is at least 1.5.

What happens if I am placed on academic suspension or dismissal? 

Students will be placed on academic suspension if in any academic year their CGPA is less than 1.0. If a student is already on probation, they will be placed on suspension if their SGPA is less than 1.5.  The period of suspension is one year. Students cannot take courses at Mount Allison or receive credit at Mount Allison for courses taken somewhere else while suspended. At the end of the year, the student can apply for re-admission. 

Students who are placed on academic suspension for a second time will be dismissed from the University for a period of three years. Students cannot take courses at Mount Allison or receive credit at Mount Allison for courses taken somewhere else while dismissed. At the end of the dismissal, the student can apply for re-admission.

Can I continue with my spring term courses if I am placed on academic suspension, or dismissal?

Yes, you are permitted to remain registered in your spring term courses at Mount Allison. Results will be factored into cumulative credits attempted, completed, and CGPA. The grades from these courses will not affect the assessment of your standing from the previous academic session. Students who have a letter of permission to take a course at another institution during the spring term should note that approval was granted on the condition that you achieved good standing at the end of the winter term. The letter of permission is no longer valid if you did not achieve good standing.

How do I improve my Cumulative GPA (CGPA)? 

One of the best ways to improve your CGPA is to repeat any Mount Allison courses that you failed or for which you earned low grades. Only the higher grade is factored into your CGPA when you successfully repeat a course through Mount Allison. All course work completed at another institution is excluded from your Mount Allison GPA. In the event that a course is repeated by transfer credit, the transfer credit is excluded from cumulative grade point average calculations, but the failed attempt(s) that the transfer credit replaces will also be excluded from the cumulative grade point average calculations.

For the most up-to-date information, see our Academic Calendar — 10.9 Evaluations of Student Performance.

Dean's list

Recognizing excellent academic performance

Dean's List standing is assessed once per year after grades have been submitted at the end of the Winter term.

Dean's List 2021-22
Aalders Celina BA.POLS
Abdel Karim Hamza BSC.BIOC
Acker Issac BSC.BIOL
Acton Christina BA.MUSC
Addis Ian BA.ENGL
Adsett Sarah BA.FINA
Ahmadvand Emily BA.MLLC
Ahmed Jehan Asif BSC.AVIA
Ahmed Shafnan BSC.UNKN
Ahmed Syed BSC.BIOC
Akerley Gabriele BCM.GENL, BA.PSYC
Alexander Lilian BMU.GENL
Allain Dominique BSC.UNKN
Allen MacKenzie BSC.BIOL
Allen Sydney BSC.ENVR
Altenkirk Tanner BSC.MATH
Alvarez Rebekah BA.MLLC
Andrews Bailey BA.SOCI
Angmo Jigmet BA.UNKN
Ansems Kaitlin BSC.BIOL
Archibald David BMU.GENL
Ardito Lebo Isabel BFA.GENL
Arseneau Anthony BSC.COMP
Ashfield Kathryn BA. ENGL.
Ashfield Lauren BSC.BIOL
Atto Heidi BSC.UNKN
Aurora Julia BA.COMM
Aylward Meg BA.HIST
Bacon Joshua BSC.COMP
Baker Mihya BSC.PSYC
Baldwin Isaiah BSC. BIOC
Barkley Kaitlyn BSC.PSYC
Barnable Keeley BSC. BIOL
Barnes Mitchell BSC.AVIA
Barr Peter BSC.ENVR
Barrett Khandra BSC.CHEM
Batchilder Oliver BA.PHPE
Batten Noah BMU.GENL
Beaton Layla BA.UNKN
Beattie Kelly BSC.PSYC
Belanger Jaden BCM.GENL
Bell Annika BA.VMCS
Bell Kennedy BSC.PSYC
Belliveau Janelle BSC.BIOL
Bennett John-Carl BA.CLAS
Bernard-Docker Island BSC.BIOL
Bernier Anna BA.ENVR
Bierlaire Alexia BSC.COGS
Binns Rachel BA.PSYC
Bird Kristen BA.ENVR
Bishop Isabelle BA.PSYC
Black Erin BA.SOCI
Black Taylor BCM.GENL
Blair Jenna BSC.BIOL
Bobbitt Mark BSC.BIOL
Bocklandt Elin BA.UNKN
Bonnell Benjamin BA.CANA
Boudreau Makayla BSC.PSYC
Bowes Shannon BSC.PHYS
Bowlan Kaitlyn BA.PSYC
Bradbury Laura BA.INLR
Brahmi Hichem BA.ECON
Branch Erin BSC.MATH
Branch Maika-Evelyn BA.ENGL
Bremner Matthew BSC.CHEM
Briggs Eva BSC.UNKN
Broadbent Benjamin BA.FREN
Brooks Alec BA. POLS
Brooks Janie BSC.BIOL
Brooks Philip BCM.GENL
Brousseau Benjamin BSC.UNKN
Brown Kate SPL.GR
Brown Zachary BSC.BIOL
Bruening Vincent BSC.PHYS
Buckley Lydia BSC.BIOL
Budd Ryan BSC.BIOL
Buffett Tedi BA.UNKN
Bujold Samuel BSC.BIOL
Bunin Acadia BA.PSYC
Burke Charlotte BSC.BIOC
Bush Madeleine BSC.BIOL
Butler Abbie BA.PSYC
Button Thea BA.PSYC
Cabot Michaela BMU.GENL
Calder Emily BSC.PSYC
Cameron Adrie BSC.PSYC
Cameron Emma BA.MUSC
Campbell Jenna BA.COMM
Campbell Katherine BSC.BIOL
Campbell Madeline BA.CLAS
Campbell Megan BSC.BIOC
Canseco Lucia BA.ENGL
Carmichael-Keenan Abby BSC.BIOC
Caron Daniel BC0M.AVIA
Carson Rachael BSC.PSYC
Casher Tess BA.ENGL
Champagne Gabriel BSC.MATH
Chapman Alexandra BA.COMM
Chapman William BSC.ENVR
Chatha Tayyab Nasir BA.COMM
Chen Naikang BA.ECON
Chiasson Josue BSC.BIOL
Christ-Rowling Abigail BA.ENVR
Christie Georgia BSC.ENVR
Christison Ella BFA.GENL
Christjansen Mathilde BSC.BIOL
Chun Suhjung BSC.CHEM
Chun Sungmin BCM.ECON
Clancey Fiona BA.MUSC
Clancy Jenna BSC.PSYC
Clark Jordyn BA.PSYC
Cockerill Courtney BSC.AVIA
Cogswell James BSC.ENVR
Coleman Lisa BSC.BIOL
Collins Gillian BSC.PSYC
Comfort Natalie BA.MLLC
Connors Emma BA.FINA
Conte Malik BSC.PSYC
Cook Noelle BA.ENGL
Cooling Emily BSC.PSYC
Cooper Abigail BA.ENGL
Cormier Joshua BCM.RELG
Cormier Tanner BSC. BIOL
Cormier-Duplessis Jacqueline BA.PSYC
Crawford Sean BA.ECON
Crepaldi Matheus BCM.GENL
Crocker Amy BA.FINA
Croft Samantha BSC. BIOL
Crosby Brianna BSC. BIOL
Crosby Paige BA.FINA
Crossman Anna BSC.BIOL
Crouse Hannah BA.SOC
Cunningham Ainsley BA.INLR
Dagenais Gabrielle BA.INLR
Daigle Colin SPL.GR
Daigle-Gallant Justin BA.ECON
Daley Abigail BSC.PSYC
Dang Duc Tri BSC.COMP
Danyk Kathryn BSC.BIOL
Davison Luke BSC.COGS
De Barros Guiguer Maria Luiza BA.INLR
Delaney Reid BA.GEOG
Desmond Kathleen BMU.GENL
Desroches Kate BA.ENVR
Dessureault Julie BSC.BIOL
Dessureault Sarah BSC.CHEM
DiAdams Megan BSC.COMP
Diceman Christine BSC.BIOC
Dickson Danielle BSC.PSYC
Dixon Toni-Anne BSC. BIOC
Dolan Liam BA.COMM
Donaldson Mira BSC.COGS
Donnelly Conal BCM.GENL
Downey Jillian BSC.CHEM
Driscoll-Sangster Mary BSC.PSYC
Dueck Cailin BA.ECON
Duggan Ryan BSC.PSYC
Dupuis Matthew BSC.CHEM
Dupuis Melanie BA.MUSC
Duverne Djuvency BCM.GENL
Dyck Keira BSC.PSYC
Dylgjeri Anxhela BCM.GENL
Dysart Molly BA.DRAM
Elliott Beckett BA.INLR
Enechi Thelma BA.ECON
England Emily BSC.CHEM
Ernst Meaghan BSC.BIOL
Escoffery Emily BA.PSYC
Estabrooks Jack BA.COMM
Estabrooks Katherine BSC.PSYC
Etheridge Emma BA.SOCI
Euler Zarah BSC.BIOC
Farion Nell BSC.PSYC
Farooqi Yahya BSC.BIOL
Farrell Elizabeth BFA.GENL
Farrell Jacob BCM.GENL
Farrell Lauren BSC.MATH
Feasby Katie BA.UNKN
Feeney Nora BCM.GENL
Finnigan-MacEachern Keagan BSC.AVIA
Fitzgerald Julia BSC.COMP
Flanagan Alexander BSC.PSYC
Flann Abigail BA.ENGL
Fogarty Marie BSC.PSYC
Folker Luke BSC.MATH
Forest Emily BMU.GENL
Forsythe Brock BSC.BIOL
Forsythe Grace BFA.GENL
Foster Caleb BA.PHPE
Franklin Smith Eyani BA.COMM
Fraser Cole BA.FINA
Fraser Islay BA.ENGL
Fraser Sophia BSC.BIOC
Fraser Tori BA.HIST
French Catherine BA.COMM
Frenette Cassidy BA.PSYC
Friars Ryan BCM.GENL
Frias Jessica BA.PSYC
Friesen Isabelle BA.PSYC
From Mary BSC.BIOL
Gagne Charles BMU.GENL
Gallant Caitlin BFA.GENL
Gallant Isabella BA.PSYC
Gamble Sophie BSC.ENVR
Garmendia Amoros Irene BCM.GENL
Garrett Sarah BSC.CHEM
Gaudet Madisson BA.PSYC
Gazzano Aude BA.WGST
Gibbons Hunter BA.COMM
Gibbons Storm BA.PSYC
Giese Sophie BA.CLAS
Gildea Anne BA.RELG
Gilliss Alexandria BFA.GENL
Girouard Nicholas BA.COMM
Gogan Abigail BSC.MATH
Gollaher Monica BSC.UNKN
Gombar Hannah BSC.BIOL
Gonepavaram Oorja BA.COMM
Gonzalez Molina Diego BA.PHPE
Gordon Anna BSC.MATH
Gosai Shruti BA.PHIL,ENGL
Grabe Mollie BSC.UNKN
Graham Daisy BA.FINA
Graham Emma BA.FREN
Grant Margaret BA.MLLC
Gray Carson BCM.AVIA
Gray Lauren BSC.BIOL
Greatorex Madison BSC.CHEM
Green Erin BSC.PSYC 
Green Jenna BA.CANA
Grelowski Jacob BSC.BIOL
Groomes Aura-Lynn BA.SOCI
Grossman Logan BSC.PSYC
Guenther Josiah BA.PSYC
Guerrero Mari BSC.CHEM
Gulliver Katie BA.INLR
Hache Charlotte BSC.BIOC
Hack-Polay Alexander BSC.BIOL
Haidar Dominic BSC.AVIA
Haidari Zohal BA.INLR
Hamilton Anna BA.FINH
Hamilton Ashley BA.ENGL
Handelsman Leor BA.PSYC
Hann Noah BSC.PSYC
Hansen Elise BSC.BIOC
Hansen Olivia BSC.BIOC
Harrison Jaydan BA.POLS
Hart Michael BSC.BIOL
Hart Olivia BA.PHPE
Hartley Olivia BSC.BIOL
Hatfield Ellen BA.ENGL
Hawkes Hannah BA.COMM
Hayat Ahmad BSC.BIOL
Hearn Brooklyn BSC.BIOC
Hebert Benjamin BA.HIST
Henman Brent BSC.AVIA
Henman William BSC.PHYS
Hennessey Moriah BSC.BIOC
Henri Grace BA.PYSC
Henry Julia BCM.GENL
Hess Andrew BSC.PHYS
Hicks Kathryn BA.PSYC
Himmelman Drew BA.COMM
Hinchcliffe Avery BSC.PSYC
Hiramoto Ryu BA.MUSC
Hisey Jacqueline BA.COMM
Hogan Katelyn BA.SOCI
Holt Rachel BA.HIST
Hood Lindsey BSC.BIOC
Houlihan Dylan BA.COMM
Huang Jiawei BA.PSYC.HON
Hubbert Laura BSC.UNKN
Huberg Ryan BA.PSYC
Hunt Nevis BCM.AVIA
Hunter Matthew BCM.GENL
Hunter Zoe BA.ENGL
Hussey-Taillon Angus BA.ENGL
Inness Bronwyn BSC.PSYC
Iqelan Anas BSC.CHEM
Isenor Bradley BSC.CHEM
Jackson Emily BSC.ENVR
Jackson Lindsay BA.POLS
Jardine Sophie BSC.UNKN
Jarron Samantha BSC.BIOL.HON
Jeddore Jolie BFA.GENL
Jeung Kaleb BA.FREN
Johnson Emily BSC.CHEM
Johnson Lee BFA.GENL
Johnson Lilly BSC.PSYC
Jollimore Danica BMU.GENL
Jones Courtney BSC.UNKN
Joudrey Olivia BSC.BIOC
Kalia Aditaya BSC.BIOC
Kamtchatnova Lisa BSC.BIOL
Kastner Alexa BCM.GENL
Kaufmann Julia BSC.PSYC
Kaur Gurpreet BSC.BIOC
Kavanaugh Joelle BSC.PSYC
Keith Oliver BA.PHPE
Keller Spencer BSC.MATH,PHYS
Kelly Byron BA.SOCI
Kelson Abagael BSC.PSYC
Kennedy Madelyn BA.POLS
Kerr Annika BA.POLS
Kerr Maggie BSC.PHYS
Khan Bilal BSC.BIOL
Khandwaha Aakanksha BSC.BIOC
Khimani Darshan Dineshbhai BSC.AVIA
Kilpatrick Molly BA.PSYC
Kimball Nathan BSC.COMP
King Renee BA.ENGL
Kinney Sarah BFA.GENL
Kinoshita Kaden BCM.AVIA
Kleinknecht Claire BSC.BIOL
Krueger Astrid BA.INLR
Kruger Dylan BSC.UNKN
Lacroix Pascale BSC.PSYC
Lafford Jeffrey BA.COMM
LaHay Megan BSC.BIOC
Lamrock Abby BSC.BIOL
Lander Cayne BA.POLS
Landry Hannah BSC.PSYC
Landry Jessica BA.PSYC
Landry Sophie BSC.PSYC
Langille Breagh BSC.UNKN
Lapointe Devin BA.PSYC
Laureijs Christelinda BSC.BIOL
Laureijs Lance BSC.COMP
Lautenschlager Anne BA.ENGL
Lavergne Sarah BA.POLS
Lavigne Kianna BSC.AVIA
Lawrence Sophia BFA.GENL
Layman Olivia BA.PSYC
Lea Micah BSC.BIOL
Leal Ashton BSC.UNKN
Leblanc Annie BSC.BIOL
Leblanc Annie BA.ENGL
LeBlanc Jaclyn BSC.BIOL
Leblanc Jennifer BCM.GENL
Leblanc Sylvie BA.MLLC
Lee Adam BA.ENGL
Lee Annissa BSC.BIOC
Leech Grace BSC.CHEM
Leeco Hanna BA.PSYC
Leger Abbygail BA.MATH
Leger Zoe BSC.CHEM
Legere Emma BSC.BIOL
Leslie Kate BSC.CHEM
Leslie Sara BSC.BIOL
Levesque Hana Bee BA.PSYC
Levesque Samuel BSC.BIOC
Lindensmith Zoe BSC.BIOC
Lint William BA.POLS
Lirette Isabella BA.ENGL
Livesey Nora BA.FINH
Lobo Lestyn BSC.AVIA
Logan Leah BA.PSYC
Logelin Madeleine BSC.PSYC
Loker Heidi-Lyn BSC.UNKN
Long Cassidy BA.ENGL
Loubert Alyssa BSC.BIOC
Lowe Clare BMU.GENL
Lundrigan Chloe BFA.GENL
Lycett Jensen BSC.CHEM
Lynch Lucas BSC.BIOC
Lynch Morgan BMU.GENL, BA.FREN
MacDonald Madeleine BSC.BIOL
MacDonald Mitchell BSC.MATH
Macdonald Monyca BSC.BIOC
MacEachern Sara BSC.PSYC
MacInnis Ally BSC.ENVR
MacIntosh Grace BSC.BIOL
MacIntosh Hannah BSC.BIOL
MacKay Ella BA.FINA
MacKay-Barr Evelyn BSC.BIOC
MacKenzie Emma BSC.PHYS
MacKinnon Malcolm BSC.UNKN
MacLean Duncan BSC.MATH
MacLellan Brooke BSC.UNKN
MacLellan MacKenzie BSC.CHEM
MacMillan Jonathon BSC.BIOC
MacPhee Jacob BSC.UNKN
Madani Nelly BSC.PHYS
Mantrom Chloe BA.FINA
Manuel Anna BSC.PSYC
Martel Annie BA.ENVR
Martin Autumn BFA.GENL
Martin Brook BA.FINA
Martin Christina BA.ENGL
Matchett Isabella BA.SOCI
Matchett Paige BSC.PSYC
Matharu Henna BSC.BIOL
Mazurkewich Brooke BA.INLR
McCardle Isaac BSC.BIOC
McCarthy Olivia BA.FINA
McCarvell Victoria BSC.BIOC
McClelland Craig BA.PSYC
McCollum Chloe BFA.GENL
McCormick Alexia BSC.BIOL
McDonough Marilyn BFA.GENL
McGaw Samuel BSC.BIOC
McGrath Reade BA.MUSC
McKeag Ailis BSC.BIOL
McLaughlin Kenneth BSC.BIOC
McLean Sara BSC.PSYC
McMackin Daytona BSC.BIOL
McNeill Elizabeth BA.INLR
McSweeney Kate BA.VMCS
Meisner Paige BA.POLS
Melanson Caleb BSC.BIOL
Mersereau Benjamin BA.PSYC
Mhagama Suzan BSC.ENVR
Michaud Christine BA.ENGL
Middleton Abigail BA.INLR
Miller Jenna BCM.GENL
Milson Timothy BSC.BIOL
Minocha-Mckenney Rajan BSC.UNKN
Minocha-McKenney Rohin BSC.BIOL
Mitchell Abigail BSC.COGS
Mitchell Amelia BSC.BIOL
Mitchell Emily BCM.GENL
Mittal Dhruti BA.COMM
Mittal Khyati BSC.BIOC
Mittal Suchet BA.PHPE
Moradi Paniz BSC.BIOL
Morrison Alexandra BSC.UNKN
Morrison Danae BA.DRAM
Mourdoukoutas Alexandra BA.GENL
Munroe Jonas BSC.UNKN
Nagy Nicholas BSC.COMP
Nay Alexander BA.POLS
Nayaju Nimesh BSC.COMP,MATH
Nelson Tannis BSC.BIOL
Newman Lucy BCM.GENL
Ngo Sophie BSC.CHEM
Nguyen Anh Hong Son BSC.BIOC
Nguyen Ca BSC.BIOC
Nicholson Avery BA.PSYC
Nicholson Ethan BSC.BIOL
Nicolle Rebecca BA.ENGL
Nixon Riley BA.COMM
Nobes Eliza BA.PSYC
Nolan Michael BA.PHPE
Nuyens Alexandra BSC.BIOL
O'Neil Phyllis BSC.BIOC
O'Quinn Adrianna BA.PSYC
Oke Andrea BSC.PSYC
Ordinelli Peter BA.POLS
Oremush Riley BSC.BIOL
Ouellette Jasmine BSC.PHYS
Owens Nasya BFA.GENL
Palmer Julia BA.ENGL
Pamenter Calum BA.UNKN
Pannozzo-Oddy Jasmine BSC.BIOL
Panthier Kaya BFA.GENL
Paquette Sam BA.INLR
Pardy Georgia BSC.UNKN
Park Minwoo BSC.PSYC
Park Sun Min BSC.BIOL
Parker Ashley BA.COMM
Partington Lindsey BSC.BIOL
Patrell Sophia BA.FINH
Paul Laura BSC.COGS
Paynter Elliot BA.ENGL
Peabody William BSC.BIOL
Pearson Dylan BSC.MATH.HON
Peel Connor BSC.PSYC
Pellerin Kayleigh BSC.BIOL
Penny Samantha BA.ENGL
Pestrin Eva BFA.GENL
Pham Quynh Anh BCM.GENL
Philbrick Meagan BA.FINA
Piche Paige BA.CLAS
Pichon Emilie SPL.GR
Piers James BA.POLS
Pierson Samuel BSC.CHEM
Pike Lindsey BMU.GENL
Piltzmaker Amanda BA.PSYC
Pipes Logan BSC.MATH
Pitre Haley BA.PHPE
Pitre Martha BA.PHPE
Plourde Jeremie BSC.AVIA
Pollock Laika BFA.GENL
Pomeroy William BSC.AVIA
Ponton-Arndt Carlos BSC.UNKN
Poole Lucy BA.ECON
Porter Amanda BA.MATH
Postuma Alicia BSC.PHYS
Power Hugo BCM.GENL
Price Rachel BCM.AVIA
Priemer Catherine BA.GEOG
Putney Ross BA.PHIL
Rae Lucy BA.CANA
Rafuse Carson BA.COMM
Ramsey-Brimberg Bronwen BFA.GENL
Rankin Bryn BSC.PHYS
Raymond Patrelia BSC.CHEM
Reid Logan BSC.BIOL
Remington Grace BA.PSYC
Richard Jacob BA.COMP
Richardson Ian BA.INLR
Rideout Andrew BSC.BIOC
Ripley Jada BSC.BIOL
Ritchie Olivia BSC.UNKN
Robben Alex BA.HIST
Roberts Brady BSC.AVIA
Roberts Cameron BSC.AVIA
Roberts Charlotte BA.INLR
Robertson Hannah BSC.PSYC
Robichaud Chloe BA.INLR
Robichaud Nathan BA.COMM,ECON
Robinson Elia BFA.GENL
Rodney Lucas BSC.MATH
Ross Breanna BA.POLS
Ross Declan BSC.ENVR
Ross Kelsey BA.HIST
Roy-Loar Denise BSC.PSYC
Runnalls Emma BA.POLS.HON
Rushton Emily BSC.BIOL
Salabarria Vincent BA.PSYC
Sallaj Lauren BCM.GENL
Saulnier Hannah BA.PSYC
Saulnier-Eagles Emily BA.PSYC
Savoie Hannah BA.COMM
Schaus Jasmine BSC.UNKN
Schenkels Kassia BSC.PHYS
Scott Andrianna BSC.PHYS
Scott MacKenzie BSC.BIOL
Scott Spencer BSC.BIOC
Scott Tara BA.POLS
Scullion Julia BSC.PSYC
Searle Olivia BFA.GENL
Serrano Charmaine Joy BSC.BIOL
Sevcik Radka BSC.BIOL
Sharpe Crystal BA.COGS
Shaw Lauren BSC.PSYC
Sheinin Elka BSC.PSYC
Shin Kevin BSC.AVIA
Shringarpure Sailee BSC.PSYC
Simmons Robyne BSC.BIOL
Simpson Lili BFA.GENL
Sinclair Annika BA.FINA
Skelly Ainsley BA.CANA
Skinner Laura BA.INLR
Smith Adrienne BA.COMM
Smith Lauren BSC.MATH
Smith Zoe BA.ENGL
Smyth Julia BSC.BIOL
Snow Brittany BA.SOCI
Sohail Muhammad Tayyab BSC.PSYC
Sokyrka Rachel BSC.BIOL
Solomon Amber BA.SOCI
Song Young in BSC.PSYC
Spoonheim Frederick BA.POLS
Srinivasan Padmapriya BSC.CHEM
St-Gelais Aramis BSC.BIOL
Stack Hailey BSC.CHEM
Stanley-Blackwell Ruthie BA.PSYC
Stapleton Grace BSC.BIOC
Steadman Danielle BSC.PSYC
Steele Kiran BMU.GENL
Steeves Aidan BA.PSYC
Steinberg Bex BFA.GENL
Stepaniak Isaac BMU.GENL
Stephens Keeghan BSC.BIOL
Stevens Graeme BA.POLS
Stevenson Joshua BA.PHPE
Stewart Katherine BSC.BIOL
Stewart Natalie BSC.MATH
Stewart Teagan BFA.GENL
Stobart Phoebe BSC.BIPS
Strickland Kayli BSC.BIOL
Strong Caitlin BA.MUSC
Stubbert Julia BSC.PSYC
Suh Gawon BSC.BIOL
Summerby Mary BA.HIST
Swart Lara BSC.BIOL
Takai Rin BSC.CHEM
Tan Michelle BA.ENVR
Tardif Sarah BA.ENGL
Thompson Alexia BA.UNKN
Thompson Amy BSC.PSYC
Thorne Rachel BA.HIST,SOCI
Tieleman Bronwyn BSC.ENVR.HON
Tingman Hayley BA.ENGL
Tran Linh San BA.ENVR
Travers Manny BA.FINA
Tremblay d'Ettorre Jasmine BA.PHPE
Tsaltas Sophie BSC.CHEM
Tuddenham Mackenzie BA.PSYC
Urdang Sara BSC.PSYC
Urud Noeli  BSC.ENVR
Valeriote Chase-Soleil BA.PHPE
Vandenberg Elias BSC.MATH
Vautour Jasmine BA.FINA
Viola Chloe BCM.AVIA
Vogels Emma BCM.GENL
Vogels Justin BCM.GENL
Wadden Rachel BA.ENGL
Wagg Kenadie BSC.BIOL
Wagner Courtney BA.FINA
Walker Alysha BCM.GENL
Walker Hayden BSC.COMP
Walker-Sherman Jonah BA.PSYC,PHIL
Ward Jaden BFA.GENL
Warkentin Malcolm BSC.ENVR
Warman Mackenzie BSC.BIOL
Warren Tegan BSC.COGS
Warwick Bethany BSC.PSYC
Watson Gordon BSC.BIOC
Waugh Ava BA.INLR
Webb-Mueller Emma BA.PSYC
Webber Isabelle BFA.GENL
Webber Sarah BSC.BIOL
Webster Julia BA.UNKN
Weiland Jessica BA.SOCI
Weldon Kate BSC.UNKN
Whidden Samuel BSC.CHEM
White Ashley BA.ENGL
Whiteway Rebecca BFA.GENL
Wilbur Claire BSC.UNKN
Wilkie Megan BA.PSYC
Williams Annika BMU.GENL
Williams Jordyn BSC.BIOL
Williams Maya BSC.BIOL
Wilson Alyssa BSC.UNKN
Wilson Craig BCM.ECON
Wojick Justin BSC.PSYC
Wood Jillian BSC.CHEM
Wood Truman BSC.BIOL
Woodin Jocelyne BA.ENGL
Wormington MacArtney BSC.ENVR
Wry Kennedy BSC.BIOL
Wu Chenyu BSC.AVIA
Wylie Lacey BSC.PSYC
Wynter Alex BA.COMM,ECON
Wynter Olivia BSC.UNKN
Xu Xiahanwei BA.FREN
Yao Xinyu BA.SOCI
Yaung Erin BSC.BIOL
Yoon Hailey BSC.PSYC
Zavieh Shervin BA.ENGL
Zelcer Claire BSC.PSYC
Zettel Hannah BSC.ENVR.HON
Zirpolo Emma BA.HIST