President's Budget Advisory Committee | Mount Allison

The President's Budget Advisory Committee was formed in 2015 to assist in the annual budget process.

The Committee's mandate is to review and provide advice to the President on the operating budget.

Terms of reference

The Committee shall meet as necessary to become familiar with the budget structure and financial outlook.

The Committee shall review the draft operating budget and provide advice to the President on proposals and spending allocations.

The Committee shall provide advice to the President with respect to budget process.

Members of the Budget Advisory Committee

Members of the committee include students, faculty, and staff. Committee members have a varied background and are drawn from a number of University departments.

  • Amanda Cockshutt, Dean
  • Jeff Hennessy, Provost and Vice-President, Academic & Research
  • Donna Hurley, Manager of Campus Services
  • Robert Inglis (Chair), Vice-President, Finance & Administration
  • Andrea Morash, Assistant Professor
  • Michael Nolan, MASU Vice-President, Finance and Operations and Student Member

Resources to the Committee

  • Chris Milner, Budget Director
  • Trudy Hicks, Administrative Assistant

Useful links

Budget Advisory Committee reports

2021-22 budget
Final report — April 2021 

2019-20 budget
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2018-19 budget
Final report — April 2018  

2017-18 budget
Final report — April 2017

2016-17 budget
Final report — April 2016