The President's Budget Advisory Committee was formed in 2015 to assist in the annual budget process.

The Committee's mandate is to review and provide advice to the President on the operating budget.

Terms of reference

The Group shall meet as necessary to become familiar with the budget structure and financial outlook of the University.

The Group shall consider adjustments to the budget brought forward by the vice-presidents, and others, and evaluate based on how they fit with the University’s operational and fiscal environment as well as strategic priorities. The operational and fiscal environment is grounded on the fact that the University has been incurring operating deficits over the past 4 years and the Administration has been instructed by the Board of Regents to provide a plan that will see the reduction of the “cash” deficit within two budget cycles (24-25 and 25-26).  This requires reducing the deficit by $1 million over the two year period.  

The Group will consult with the University community to ensure meaningful input and transparency.  

The Group will provide updates to the President throughout the process to ensure he is aware of the range of options being considered, how these are meeting strategic goals and ensuring appropriate financial stewardship.

The Group shall develop a draft budget to recommend to President’s Cabinet with final decisions made by the President keeping in mind strategic goals and financial limitations.

The Group shall provide advice to the President with respect to budget process.

Members of the Budget Advisory Committee

Members of the committee include students, faculty, and staff. Committee members have a varied background and are drawn from a number of University departments.

  • Pierre Arsenault

  • Craig Brett

  • Suhjung Chun

  • Anne Comfort

  • Sarah Fanning

  • Robert Inglis (Chair)

  • Courtney Pringle-Carver

  • Greg Sandala

  • Vicki St. Pierre

Resources to the Committee

  • Chris Milner
  • Trudy Hicks

Useful links

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