Subject: Distribution of Board and Executive Committee Minutes
Group: Institutional
Approved by: The Board of Regents
Approval date: October 7, 1994
Effective date: October 7, 1994
Revised: October 13, 2017    
Administered by: The President


 The purpose of this Policy is to document how Board of Regents meeting and related committee minutes and materials are disclosed.


Board of Regents Minutes

Board of Regents minutes will normally be posted to the University website once approved. Approval of such minutes may occur before the next Board of Regents meeting to allow for timely posting of the minutes but such posting prior to the next meeting will only occur if the minutes are approved unanimously.

Executive Committee Minutes

A summary of Executive Committee minutes will be circulated to the full Board once approved.
Board of Regents Materials and Committee minutes and materials
Other than Board of Regents minutes, Board of Regents materials and committee minutes and materials should be considered confidential to Regents, committee members and meeting participants.


This Policy shall be reviewed and either amended or confirmed every three years or when required.