The goal of Mount Allison's International Centre is for you to do more than survive; we want you to thrive.

The International Centre is home to an array of programs and services that are designed to make the transition to academic and social life at Mount Allison an easier one for all international students.

During your time at Mount Allison, International Centre staff are committed to helping you achieve your academic and personal goals.

International mentorship program

The International Mentorship Program is designed to make the adjustment to social and academic life at Mount A an easier one for new international students. We accomplish this by matching new international students (mentees) with upper-year Mount A students (mentors). The goals of the program are to promote cross-cultural sharing and to facilitate a broader and more inclusive campus and community life experience for all participants.

The International Centre hosts a number of events (including day-trips) throughout the year for mentorship participants. Mentors and mentees are expected to meet at least twice per month for social activities like going for coffee, playing sports together, or taking part in organized mentorship program activities.

Sign up to be a mentee

If you are an incoming international student and would like to request a mentor to facilitate your transition to life at Mount A, please submit a mentor request form.

Student testimonials

“Through [the mentorship program] I’ve acquired a sense of belonging and made numerous social connections. It has been a valuable experience for me.”

— Ernest Awoonor-Williams (Ghana)

“I liked sharing my Chinese culture with my mentor. We both have an interest in traveling and it was great to be matched with someone with similar interests.”

— Donghao Zhou (China)

Volunteer as a mentor

Sign up to be a mentor by submitting the international mentor application form.

Being a mentor gives you the opportunity:

  • to enhance your leadership and communication skills
  • for social interaction and networking, not only with your mentee, but with other Canadian and international students in the program
  • to feel gratified that you played a positive role in a first-year international student’s transition to university life at Mount Allison

Mentor eligibility

Mentors must:

  • be degree-seeking domestic or international students
  • have already completed at least one term (preferably one year) at Mount Allison
  • commit to meeting his/her mentee at least twice per month (through organized events and activities independent from the program) and attend the mentor training session in September

Upon completion, a certificate is granted to all mentors to acknowledge their participation in the program.

Student testimonials

“Being a mentor gave me the opportunity to make new friends from different programs of study, year levels, and from across the globe. As well, it helped me to build a deeper sense of belonging in not only the University community, but in the Sackville community. Being able to share these moments with my mentee was an experience to be cherished.”

— Haruho Kubota (Japan)

“Being a mentor was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had at Mount Allison University. I enjoyed getting to know my mentee and learning about her culture. We were able to share our interests and experiences and I also learned how to make delicious Chinese food! I truly believe that the program gives as much to mentors as it does to mentees.”

— Patricia Lawrenz (USA)

Academic support

Make a successful adjustment to academic life at Mount A.  

Mount Allison recognizes the unique challenges that international students face in making a successful transition to academic life in a Canadian university setting.

For some, language is the biggest obstacle; for others, it’s learning to understand and work within the parameters of a different academic culture.

The International Centre has programs which are designed to help international students make a smooth transition into the Canadian academic system.

Mount Allison’s International & Student Affairs work together to provide academic support to international students through.

One-on-one academic counselling

The International Centre’s co-ordinator for academic support is available to meet with students one-on-one during regular office hours held in the International Centre on Thursday afternoons from 1–4:30 p.m.

Students may book an appointment in advance or drop-in.

To book an appointment, please e-mail

What does academic counselling offer?

  • help with developing a study schedule
  • help with managing your time
  • help with note-taking strategies
  • help with preparing for your midterms or finals
  • help with finding a tutor for a specific course

Do you have questions about other academic services? Just ask. We can refer you to the right campus resource!

Academic skills workshops

The International Centre’s co-ordinator for academic support offers academic skills workshops tailored specifically to international students' needs.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Services

ESL/EAL writing tutoring

The Writing Resource Centre (WRC) provides assistance to all Mount Allison students who need help with the completion of written assignments. Writing tutors are able to help with all stages of the writing process, from planning and research to drafting and final editing. The WRC employs tutors in the sciences, humanities, and social sciences who staff the centre on rotating shifts.

Mount Allison's International Centre partners with academic support services to offer international students English as a second/additional language (ESL/EAL) writing support through the WRC. The ESL/EAL writing tutor is available to meet with international students seeking assistance with their academic writing and appointments can be made in advance on Moodle.

1. Log into Moodle > Academic Support > Mount Allison Writing Resource Centre

2. If this is your first time visiting this webpage, you will need to select "enroll"

3. Select today's date at the bottom of the page. Appointments can only be made for the current day.

4. Select a time that works for you from the list of available appointments.

Note: sign-up opens each day at 8:30 a.m. During high-traffic periods, appointments can fill up very quickly, so be sure to sign up early. 

The ESL/EAL writing tutor is located in the Writing Resource Centre, Room M12 of the R.P. Bell Library.

Final exam accommodations

Eligible international students may apply to receive final exam accommodations such as extra time and/or the use of a dictionary.

To request accomodation for your exam(s), please complete the International Centre exam accommodation form available at the International Centre. All requests must be submitted to the international centre in compliance with the standard application for exam accommodation deadlines posted by the registrar’s office.

Final approval for any exam accommodation(s) rests exclusively with the professor. Please note that final exam accommodation is offered as a non-guaranteed service by International & Student Affairs at the sole discretion of the supervising professor.

Who is eligible?

International students who:

  1. hold a valid study-permit
  2. are in their first calendar year at Mount Allison
  3. are non-native English speakers
  4. were not educated previously in English at the high-school or university levels

Students must satisfy ALL of the above criteria to be eligible for final exam accommodation through Mount Allison’s International Centre.

Academic support program

The International Centre provides academic support to international students whose academic assessment at the end of the fall term indicates that they had academic difficulty. Students who achieve a fall term GPA of 1.5 or lower are contacted at the beginning of the winter term to sign up for the program. To learn more about Mount A’s academic indicators and their consequences, see section 10.9.14 of the academic calendar.

The Academic Support Program runs throughout the winter term. The program is designed to assist international students who face academic challenges by conducting an individual needs analysis, designing an academic plan of action, and providing free subject-tutoring and workshops throughout the term.

The Academic Support Program is distinct from, but operates in partnership with, the student success course offered through academic support services. International students have the option of participating in either/both programs.

To register for the Academic Support Program, please complete the online application.

Health insurance

The international student basic medical coverage is administered and managed by the Mount Allison Students’ Union (MASU).

There are three components of MASU insurance coverage: 

  • an international student basic medical plan 
  • an extended health plan 
  • a dental plan 
For full-time international students

All full-time international students attending Mount Allison are automatically enrolled in the Mount Allison Student Union (MASU) insurance plans and charged accordingly (please see Section 6.12.6 of the academic calendar).

Students have the option of opting out of the basic medical and extended health plans if they provide proof of alternative coverage prior to the opt-out date each academic year. No proof is required to opt out of the dental plan.  

New Brunswick Provincial Medicare

International students at Mount Allison who are studying full-time in a program that leads to a degree are now eligible to apply for New Brunswick provincial Medicare coverage.

Visit the Government of New Brunswick website for full details. 

New students attending International Orientation will have the opportunity to complete and submit their Medicare application.

Workshops will also be offered throughout the year to help students with the application process. 

Once approved, students are able to present their Medicare card to MASU to opt out of the basic medical insurance plan (if presented by the opt-out date set for each term).

For visiting students (including exchange students)

Visiting students are automatically enrolled in the MASU insurance plans and the costs are added in with their student fees in their Mount Allison connect account.

Please note, the cost of insurance will be pro-rated for visiting students to account for the time they spend in Canada.

If you would like more information please go to the MASU website at or email

Graduation Preparation Series

Once you are close to completing your studies at Mount Allison you will no doubt start thinking about what you will do after graduation.

The Mount Allison Graduation Preparation Series (GPS) offers programs during the academic year to help you prepare.

Join the GPS mailing list for updates and additions. E-mail with your name, year and program.