Class officers have been a proud part of Mount Allison’s traditions for at least 100 years.

They are the vital link between your class, the Alumni Engagement Office, and the University for major events, such as Reunion Weekend, and class projects. Each officer has been elected by their peers.

Officers work with the Alumni Engagement Office to help their class stay involved and engaged with the University. This may include sending letters and e-mails to classmates, or maintaining a class webpage.

Who are my class officers? Visit your class page.

Class officer positions

The president is responsible for the overall leadership of the class, helping to co-ordinate the efforts of the other class officers, and acting as the liaison between their class and the University.

The vice-president is responsible for supporting and standing in for the president when needed. Some responsibilities may include overall leadership of the class, helping co-ordinate the efforts of other class officers, and acting as liaison between the class and the University.

The treasurer is responsible for any finances of the class, dealing mostly with the class projects.

The secretary will take initiative around correspondence to the class. They will maintain an accurate and updated contact list, as well as foster opportunities for alumni to communicate with each other.

Changes to the Life Class Officer Program

At the 2016 Alumni Board Annual General Meeting, changes to the Life Class Officer Program were introduced. The changes are intended to provide more flexibility to the roles that life class officers have traditionally assumed.


Why were changes introduced?

Over the last number of years, the Alumni Board has identified pressure points with the traditional approach to life class officers. Even with significant efforts from the Alumni Engagement Office and the Mount Allison Students' Union, graduating students are declining to run for election and even to submit a nomination by acclamation because of the lifetime commitment.

We continue to hear from existing life class officers that they need to step away from the role because of changing family commitments or health reasons. From a practical perspective, there is not a formal mechanism to fill a vacant life class officer position.

What changes were introduced?

Should existing life class officers wish to step away from the role, they can now notify the Alumni Engagement Office.

With opportunities in each class identified, new class officers can be elected into vacant positions for a five-year renewable term. This election will take place during Reunion Weekend.

Finally, newly graduating classes will elect class officers who would be appointed to five-year terms.

I'm an existing life class officer and want to stay in my role. What changes for me?

Nothing — active and engaged life class officers who wish to stay in their role will continue to contribute in the amazing ways that they always have. Thank you!

What happens to a life class officer who decides to step away from their role?

Life class officers were elected by their class and, by definition, have that role for life. Their names will remain on their class webpage and in the history books. New class officers and other active volunteers will be noted separately on each class webpage.

How are these changes being implemented?

The Alumni Engagement Office has been in touch with life class officers to advise them of the changes and to determine if they wish to continue in their role.  
Life class officers, the Alumni Engagement Office, the Alumni Board, and class members will work together over the next number of years to fill identified vacancies. There will be a cyclical approach to align with each class’ reunion schedule.

I’d like to learn more about volunteering with my class. How do I know if there are vacancies?

Please get in touch with the Alumni Engagement Office by e-mailing To see information on the roles of each class officer, visit life class officer positions. If you can’t commit to be a class officer position, additional volunteer opportunities such has helping with Reunion Weekend or volunteering in your local alumni chapter, are available.