Now that you’ve experienced entrepreneurial thinking, how has it changed you? 

Self-reflection is a critical skill for entrepreneurial thinkers, whether they’re operating a business, working in an established organization, or contributing to a not-for-profit.

Take a few minutes to ponder what you’ve gained through your entrepreneurial activities. What insights, skills, and attitudes will inform your career development going forward? Where might entrepreneurship take you next?

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?

Take Entrepreneurial Action

(Required activities)

  1. Complete the worksheet Assess Your Entrepreneurial Strengths
  2. Complete the worksheet What’s Next for You?

Reflection Questions

  • How has your concept of entrepreneurship evolved since you started the program? How do you now define entrepreneurship for yourself? 

  • How could entrepreneurship change your life? Change Mount Allison? Impact the broader community?

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