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Apply for funding and be your own boss!

Application deadline: January 31, 2022

Mount Allison University has a growing portfolio of opportunities available to fund entrepreneurial ideas.

Thanks to our generous donors and partners, we are able to support even more students, at various stages of their planning, to dive into the world of start-ups and entrepreneurship.

    With entrepreneurship funding, you could:

    • Start a new business
    • Pivot or expand an existing business
    • Create a social initiative
    • Pursue a cultural project

    The level of funding depends on what stage of development you are in — there are opportunities for everyone!

    Decide on the level of funding you'll be applying for before you start your application.

    Level of funding commitment stage of planning main focus
    Ignite Grants
    Part-time (flexible)

    Great idea, or a clear problem that needs a solution.

    Your solution is not fully developed.

    More testing and modelling to come up with a plan.

    Researching your problem and solution.

    Reisman Design
    Full-time (summer)

    You have a clear and well thought out idea.

    You have several potential solutions to a real problem.

    Designing the business model. Research needed to fill in the blanks.

    Creative problem solving to solidify next steps.

    Reisman Launch
    Full-time (summer)

    Mostly complete lean business model canvas.

    Well communicated and thought out.

    Ready to launch!

    Getting your entrepreneurial venture off the ground.

    How to apply

    Your first application will include a 3-minute video teaser and a written application. These will be reviewed by the Reisman selection committee.

    If the committee thinks your application has strong potential, you'll be asked to give a five-minute live pitch to the Reisman selection committee, followed by a Q&A session.

    • Any returning Mount A student in good academic standing may apply.
    • You can apply on your own or with up to three other Mount A students.
    Steps to apply

    Once you've decided on the level of funding you will be applying for:

    1. Download the application.
    2. Complete the parts of the application required for your level of funding. If you'd like help, email
    3. Read through ALL the parts of the application that apply to you. (i.e. Launch funding requires more documentation than Design funding.)
    4. Work on and perfect your 3-minute video teaser video for the adjudication committee. Tips for video recording.
    5. If you're completing an application for Reisman Launch funding, fill out the Business Model Canvas and a Cash Flow Document.
    6. E-mail your completed application, and a link to your video, to by January 31 at 11. p.m.

    Select applicants will be asked to proceed to a live pitch and Q&A session with the selection committee.

    Once you're approved

    If you are chosen for Reisman funding, you will officially become a Reisman intern.

    As a Reisman intern, you'll work independently but you won't be isolated.

    Throughout your internship, you'll have coaching support from your Reisman Coach. Your coach will also connect you with other resources, on campus and in the community.

    Reisman summer schedule

    Your summer as a Reisman intern

    Regular coaching sessions and progress reports will help you keep your focus and momentum:

    • In March, successful applicants will meet for a program orientation. You'll explore the personal strengths you can leverage as an entrepreneur and hear from an experienced entrepreneur about the rewards and challenges of being your own boss. This will also be a great opportunity for you to connect with the other interns in the program.
    • In late April, you'll meet with your coach to identify some broad goals for the summer. Your coach will also help you connect with a mentor who's experienced in your industry or social cause.
    • In the first week of May, you'll officially start your internship and begin working toward your internship goals.
    • Every two weeks during the summer, you'll meet with your coach from ELCD and then submit a short progress report. Coaching sessions can take place in person or via web conferencing. These check-ins will help you keep on track with your goals, which you'll probably revise as the summer unfolds, and reflect on your entrepreneurship experience.
    • Partway through the summer, you'll attend the Reisman Roundup, a gathering of current and previous Reisman interns. This will give you a chance to share your entrepreneurship adventure with a group of like-minded students and get some fresh perspectives on an issue you're trying to solve.
    • In late August, you'll submit a brief written report (about five pages) analyzing your entrepreneurship experience and reflecting on it. You'll also deliver a 10-minute oral presentation to the Reisman selection committee.

    Questions? We're happy to help you develop your application. Reach out to us at

    Hear from previous Reisman interns!

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