To create a sustainable business, you need a sales process to feed your organization a steady stream of customers and cash. Getting that going could be easier than you think as your first sales will likely come through networking rather than elaborate strategies.

Once you have your sales process up and running, you can think about other places in your business where you can gain efficiency by creating other processes. These routines will enable your business to run smoothly as it grows.

In this module, you’ll learn how to:

  • Approach sales as relationship-building
  • Build a network to support your business
  • Structure an effective sales conversation
  • Keep your customers coming back to you
  • Develop other business processes to give you peace of mind

Sales and business processes 

Introduction: Creating a sustainable sales process

Selling doesn't have to be scary

Selling uses skills that you may already possess. Use the my sales strengths (pdf) worksheet to explore your skills.

Building a network to support your business

Building your network can often be scary but it doesn't have to be. Use the network map worksheet (pdf) for steps to make building your network easier.

How to structure a sales conversation

Find tips on how to structure a sales conversation (pdf) in this worksheet.

Keeping your customers

Customers return to a business when their expectations have been succeed. Determine how you can surprise and delight your customers (pdf) to keep them coming back.

Other business systems to give you peace of mind

Use the weekly cash flow worksheet (excel) to keep track of your business finances.

Check out the top 10 time management tips for entrepreneurs (pdf) for more suggestions to develop a process mindset and maximize productivity. 

Take Entrepreneurial Action

(Required activities)

  1. Complete the Network Map worksheet—and follow through on making those new connections! 
  2. Create a rough sales script for your product or service and test it out with three prospects. Then reflect on what worked well and what you can improve for next time.

Reflection Questions

Think of a situation in which you persuaded someone to “buy” something from you—either a product, a service, or an idea. What strengths and strategies made you successful? How can you leverage those in your business?

For Further Help

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