What could you achieve as an entrepreneur?

The Think Inc. program is your first step to finding out!

Nine online modules will help you recognize the entrepreneurial strengths you already have and use them to build the foundation for a viable venture.

Short videos will prepare you to dive into hands-on entrepreneurial learning.

Then real-world activities will guide you through the process of identifying an entrepreneurial idea and testing it with potential customers.

Ready to get started?

Intro Module: Do you have what it takes?

  • Discover your entrepreneurial strengths   

Module 1: Find your entrepreneurial idea

  • Recognize your entrepreneurial strengths
  • Identify different kinds of problems you could solve
  • Use design thinking to solve a problem in a way that delivers value to customers and/or stakeholders
  • Use different methods of ideation to invent entrepreneurial solutions

Module 2: Collect insights from your target market

  • Describe your ideal customer
  • Describe your target market
  • Identify different ways to determine product-market fit
  • Conduct interviews with potential customers

Module 3: Sketch your business model

  • Describe how your venture will sustain itself financially
  • Create a one-page business plan using the Business Model Canvas

Module 4: Pitch your business idea

  • Map the content of your business model to a presentation format
  • Create a logically structured slide presentation
  • Design effective, professional-looking visuals
  • Tell a compelling financial story
  • Recognize common weaknesses in pitches
  • Prepare for audience questions

Module 5: Start your side hustle

  • Set goals for starting a side hustle
  • Generate a viable idea for your side hustle
  • Create a pitch to sell your side hustle
  • Develop a step-by-step plan for launching your side hustle

Module 6: Design the career and life you want

  • Use a design thinking process to create opportunities for yourself
  • Identify the values that will lead to a fulfilling life, defined on your terms
  • Determine the “play zone” where you most enjoy yourself
  • Brainstorm multiple paths to your ideal life

Module 7: Attracting your first customers

  • Define your target customer using buyer personas
  • Develop a distinct (differentiated) brand identity
  • Refine your Unique Value Proposition
  • Explore the personal strengths you bring to marketing
  • Approach marketing as both an art and a science

Module 8: Sales and business processes

  • Approach sales as relationship-building
  • Build a network to support your business
  • Structure an effective sales conversation
  • Keep your customers coming back to you
  • Develop other business processes to give you peace of mind

Module 9: What does entrepreneurship mean to you?

  • Assess your entrepreneurial strengths
  • Determine what's next for you

Module 10: Mastering Your Business Numbers

  • Shift your focus from revenue to profit
  • Price your offering to maximize your profit
  • Create and manage your cash flow sheet
  • Recognize the importance of setting up a bookkeeping system
  • Use financial data to guide your decisions