Mount Allison has added a host of courses for the 2021 spring/summer term, beginning May 3, 2021. With more than 50 courses to choose from, spring/summer term provides flexibility to earn course credits toward your degree during the spring and summer months.  

The Spring/Summer timetable provides a full list of courses offered in the Spring/Summer 2021 Term, including meeting schedules and delivery formats.

Course descriptions can be found in section 12 of the Academic Calendar and in Connect. Descriptions for special topics courses (X991) are available here.

See below for more information about course delivery formats, time frames (course start and end dates), and important dates (registration, withdrawal, and payment deadlines).

 Registration for current (returning) students:

  • Registration is online in Connect@MTA. Timetable information and course descriptions are also available in Connect.
  • Students may register for a maximum of 12 credits in the Spring/Summer Term.
  • Dean’s permission is required for students who wish to register for more than 12 credits in the Spring/Summer Term from any combination of courses, or courses approved on Letter of Permission. Apply using the Permission Request form in Connect.

Registration for incoming first-year students:

  • Pay your registration deposit, if you haven't already ($100 for Canadian citizens and permanent residents; $250 for international students) to confirm your intent to attend Mount Allison in the Fall. See fee payments.
  • E-mail with the subject line '2021 Spring/Summer term activation' and indicate the course you would like to take. We will then admit you into the 2021 Spring/Summer Term.
  • Once activated by Admissions, you can register for any one of the courses listed below online in Connect@MTA. Incoming students may register for a maximum of 3 credits (one course).
  • Academic advising for course selection is available by email to or by booking a virtual appointment online at   
  • Textbooks and course materials for Spring/Summer term courses are available to order online from the bookstore. Arrangements can be made to pick up books at the bookstore, have them delivered to Sackville locations, or have them shipped to you.

Courses marked section X run all summer (May 3 through August), and courses marked section Z run in the spring (May 3 to June 18):

Note: BIOL 1201 is recommended for non-science students. The course does not count as science credits for the B.Sc. degree.
Note: FINA 1101 is available to any student.

CANA 1001-X   Contemporary Canada: An Intro
COMM 1411-X   Quantitative Analysis
HIST 1601-X   Old and New Nations in North America
HIST 1611-X   The Expansion of Europe Abroad
MATH 1011-X   Functions
MATH 1151-X    Applied Calculus  
MUSC 1001-X   Fundamentals of Music I
POLS 1001-X   Foundations of Politics
PSYC 1001-X   Introduction to Psychology I
PSYC 1011-X   Introduction to Psychology II  
SOCI 1001-X   Introduction to Sociology  

BIOL 1201-Z   Human Biology  
ENGL 1201-Z     Intro to Principles of Literary Analysis  
ENGL 1801-Z     Intro to Prose Fiction  
FINA 1101-Z   Fundamentals of Drawing I  
LATI 1001-Z   Introductory Latin I
RELG 1641-Z   Religion, the Body, Sexuality
SPAN 1101-Z     Introductory Spanish I
VMCS 1301-Z   Introduction to Material Culture


  • Students pay a per course fee for spring/summer term registration.
  • Information about tuition and fee payments is available here.
  • Fees are due by May 10, 2021.
  • For information about how to pay your course fees, visit
  • Bursary support is available for current students based on demonstrated financial need. The University General Bursary Application will open on May 3. Please visit the Financial Aid website for more details as they become available.

    Refund schedule:

  • Please note, course withdrawal deadlines vary from financial deadlines for tuition refunds.
  • For withdrawals from 7-week and 3-4 week courses please refer to Calendar regulation 4.5.3.
  • For courses running all summer, there will be no fee charged for withdrawals by Friday of the second week of term (May 14). For withdrawals after Friday of the second week of term, fees will be calculated as 15% of the tuition for the term times the number of weeks or part weeks since the first day of classes. There is no credit (refund) given after the sixth week of classes.  

Course delivery information:

All courses begin on Monday, May 3. Course material or access to Moodle will be available starting May 3.
Courses will be delivered in the same delivery formats as the fall and winter terms:

  •  scheduled, online only
  •  unscheduled online-only  
  •  scheduled, on-campus elements.

Courses are offered in various time frames:

  •  7 weeks (May 3 to June 18)
  •  3-4 weeks (intensive in May)
  •  Summer (May 3 through August)

Please note the dates carefully as you select and register for courses. The various start and end dates of courses are listed on the timetable and under ‘Meeting Information’ in Connect. 

Important Dates for 7-week courses (May 3 to June 18):

  • May 3 – Courses begin
  • May 7 – Last day for changes in registration (add/drop)
  • May 10 – Last day to make fee payment
  • May 28 – End of withdrawal period
  • June 18 – Courses end

Important Dates for courses running all summer (May 3 through August):

  • May 3 – Courses begin
  • May 7 – Last day for changes in registration (add/drop)
  • May 10 – Last day to make fee payment
  • Jul 2 – End of withdrawal period
  • Sept 4 – The date by which exams must be written (final exams for online courses will be written online) 

Important Dates for intensive courses:

 COMM 3501

  • May 3 – Course begins
  • May 4 – Last day for changes in registration (add/drop)
  • May 10 – Last day to make fee payment
  • May 10 – End of withdrawal period
  • May 19 – Course ends

 GENS 3431 & UNST 4991

  • May 3 – Course begins
  • May 5 – Last day for changes in registration (add/drop)
  • May 10 – Last day to make fee payment
  • May 12 – End of withdrawal period
  • May 21 – Course ends

Note: GENS 3431 has an option to complete remotely for a limited number of upper level students who cannot be on campus. Interested students should inquire directly with the course instructor.

Note: Meeting times for UNST 4991 by week. Meetings during the first two weeks are M, T, Th, F. The class meets M, T, W, F for the third week. All meetings are scheduled from 1pm to 4pm AST.

 VMCS 2991

  • May 3 – Course begins
  • May 7 – Last day for changes in registration (add/drop)
  • May 10 – Last day to make fee payment
  • May 17 – End of withdrawal period
  • June 1 – Course ends

For questions about:

  • Course selection and advising: visit or e-mail
  • Course registration issues: visit RegHelp or e-mail
  • For questions about individual courses, please contact the course instructor or department head
  • For all other questions: e-mail